Pedo In Creepy Mask Tells Britain’s Channel 4: ‘I’m A Virtuous Pedophile’

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Is it possible to be a 'virtuous pedo'?

pedophile in mask

.Britain’s Channel 4 recently interviewed a pedophile in an apparent attempt to destigmatize the disturbing deviance.

The British media outlet interviewed a self-described “virtuous pedophile” who called himself “Mouse” apparently because of the sinsiter looking mask he wore to conceal his identity.

During the disturbing interview ‘Mouse’ insisted that he was not coming for your children….

In its YouTube description, Channel 4 stated: ” ‘Mouse’ is a self-confessed ‘virtuous paedophile’, meaning he has a sexual attraction to children, but has made the conscious decision not to act on those feelings and abuse a child. Here, he faces some very difficult questions from members of the public…”

InfoWars reports: The interviewers themselves seemed disturbed by and unsympathetic to Mouse’s dark desires, but the fact the outlet decided to provide a platform to a pedophile in itself raises eyebrows.

“I’m a pedophile, but that doesn’t make me a molester,” Mouse said before admitting he volunteered for jobs where he worked around children.

“I suppose I’ve thought of the possibility” of abusing them, he said.

“I’m happy to accept the term ‘disorder’ as I am to ‘sexual orientation,’” he added.

Despite the outlet’s attempt to downplay the pedophile’s desires by highlighting the fact he’s never acted on them, the comments on YouTube and X were rife with criticism and calls to keep pedophiles out of society regardless of their criminal history.

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