Anti-Tory Protests Planned As Queen Opens Parliament

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Anti-Tory Protests Planned As Queen Opens Parliament

Demonstrators will gather at Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square as part of a wave of planned anti Tory protests since the Conservative election win.

The state opening of Parliament will take place on Wednesday 27th May, where the Tories will officially form a Government.

On Tuesday morning almost 7,000 people had signed up to a Facebook page for the NCAFC’s protest.

Anti-Tory protests

The Guardian reports: Thousands of people are expected to join anti-government demonstrations during the state opening of parliament on Wednesday, just over a fortnight after an anti-Tory protest in Whitehall led to clashes with police.

Organisers expect a crowd of around 5,000, including a large student bloc, to gather at Trafalgar Square in opposition to Conservative plans for five more years of spending cuts. About 2,000 are expected for a separate march from Downing Street through Westminster.

Militant anarchists have organised a protest on Parliament Square earlier the same day, around the time the Queen is expected to arrive at Westminster. They intend to use the slogan: “Five more years of this shit? No fucking way!”

The rallies are part of a wave of protests that have followed the Conservatives’ election victory on 7 May. Fifteen people were arrested a day after the results when scuffles broke out between police and protesters outside Downing Street.

UK Uncut has called for a day of action on 30 May, and nearly 60,000 people have signed up on Facebook for a national demonstration against austerity outside the Bank of England on 20 June.

Hannah Sketchley, a spokeswoman for the Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC), which called the Trafalgar Square rally, said the aim was to give a voice to people dissatisfied with the result of the election.

“It really is to remind the Conservative government that we will be around on that day, that there’s absolutely masses of people who are out there who they don’t represent and are ready to put up a fight if they do things which they mention in their manifesto,” she said.

“Democracy doesn’t end at the ballot box and it never ever has,” she said. “If people had said that to women in 1900 then looking back we would think they were very short-sighted to say the least.”

The government’s proposed measures are expected to include £12bn in cuts to welfare, a dismantling of human rights laws, limits on strike action and pro-business reform of public services including schools and healthcare.

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