Jury Awards Sen. Rand Paul $580,000 to Be Paid by Antifa Thug Who Assaulted Him

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Jury orders Antifa thug to pay Sen. Rand Paul substantial damages for assaulting him

A jury has awarded over $580,000 in damages to Sen. Rand Paul after he was attacked by an Antifa thug in 2017.

Senator Paul was awarded $375,000 in punitive damages and $200,000 for pain and suffering, plus an additional $7,834 for medical expenses.

From Fox News:

The lawmaker was violently attacked by his neighbor, Rene Boucher, in November 2017 while he was mowing his lawn. Paul was tackled from behind and suffered six broken ribs, including three displaced fractures. His recovery was complicated by fluid and blood around the lungs and recurrent pneumonia.

[…][Boucher] was sentenced in June to 30 days in federal prison for the assault. He was also ordered to one year of supervised release, a $10,000 fine, 100 hours of community service, and ordered to have no contact with Paul’s family.

[…]Boucher’s lawyer said they will appeal.

Information Liberation reports: Hopefully, that number will be doubled on appeal.

Paul was asking for $1.5 million, which is perfectly reasonable considering he was almost killed.

It’s truly insane Boucher only got a slap on the wrist by the criminal courts for his assault.

Thank God Paul survived as he’s one of the only voices of reason in the Senate. He also survived the congressional baseball shooting by a crazed Bernie Sanders supporter back in 2017.

Paul reacted to the ruling on Twitter:

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