Biden Admin Tracking ‘Extremist’ Web Searches Including ‘The Truth About Black Lives Matter’

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Biden's Pentagon is searching 'extremist' web searches, including people searching the phrase 'the truth about black lives matter'

The Biden administration is working with a contractor to track web searches that it describes as indicators of “white supremacy”, citing the phrase “the truth about black lives matter” as one example of extremist content.

Reports from both Defense One and Fox News suggest that the Pentagon is working with a UK-based company called Moonshot CVE (Countering Violent Extremism) to uncover networks of domestic extremists within the U.S. military.

Moonshot regularly works with the censorious ADL, and has ties to former President Obama, as well as the far-left SPLC and George Soros’ Open Foundation.

What could possibly go wrong? reports: Moonshot suggests that searching for the “truth about BLM” indicates a belief “that the BLM movement has nefarious motives,” which “is a disinformation narrative perpetuated by White supremacist groups to weaponize anti-BLM sentiment.”

The company further states that while the search phrase initially appears “innocuous,” it isn’t because the phrase has been used to suggest the BLM movement “is in line with the burning and looting of Antifa.”

“These sources echo White supremacist disinformation narratives alleging that BLM protesters are trying to ‘overthrow the republic’ and ‘harm American citizens in a Marxist coup,’ as a means of delegitimizing it,” the Moonshot research states.

So labelling BLM Marxist means you are an extremist, even though the organisation’s own website displays objectives are unequivocally in line with neo-Marxism, and its founders have described themselves as ‘trained Marxists’.

Appearing on Tucker Carlson’s show Tuesday night, Vince Coglianese, the editorial director of The Daily Caller discussed the Moonshot contract with the Pentagon, and noted that there is a sustained move within the Biden government to label everything as domestic extremism.

“It’s completely out of control,” Coglianese said, noting “Asking questions, now extremism. Free inquiry, now extremism. It’s getting worse.”


“Biden has gone much farther than any other president, however, to politicize every federal agency. And that includes, terrifyingly, the military,” Carlson said, adding “Biden has directed the defense department, the department that is supposed to work on keeping us safe from foreign threats, to instead turns its attention on American citizens.”

“Notice he never defined white supremacy,” Carlson said, adding “No one ever has. There is no actual definition for it. So it can apply to everyone who didn’t vote for Joe Biden. That’s why it is terrifying, that’s why you should resist it.”

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  1. Sooooo… are they trying to say that reality; things that are actually happening, things that are true, things that people call themselves and their beliefs, acknowledging those things is somehow a “white supremacist narrative”?

    Where are these white supremacist narrative-makers by the way? Where is their think-tank, where is there headquarters? Where are their organized pr coming out of? I mean according to the DOJ and Biden, white supremacy is the biggest threat to the country, so it shouldn’t be hard to find those dastardly white supremacists in action. Oh, I guess it’s probably another white supremacist narrative to not believe they exist.

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