AP: Alex Jones ‘Show Trial’ Will Be Thrown Out

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AP admits Alex Jones trial will be dismissed on appeal

The Alex Jones show-trial is set to be tossed out on appeal because the case rests on shaky legal grounds, according to a new report by the Associated Press.

Attorney Tre Lovell told the AP on Sunday that Jones has “significant issues” he can present on appeal, including the fact Jones was defaulted by the courts before the Texas and Connecticut trials even began.

“This is far from over. Alex Jones You know, there’s a number of things that you can do. First of all, he’s going to appeal, according to his attorneys, and there are some significant issues on appeal,” Lovell told AP. “This is a very unusual trial. The court basically put him in default and they went straight to damages. And that’s very unusual.”

Infowars.com reports: Lovell explained that the courts could have taken a number of steps before resorting to defaulting Jones.

“And that’s a very draconian ruling by a court that’s a ruling that’s the last choice a court will have. And a court of appeal is going to really scrutinize that,” he said. “A judge is required to, if a litigant is not participating in discovery or is violating, you know, the litigation standards…there’s a number of things that a judge can do before actually putting in default.”

“And also with damages, you know, they can look at damages,” he continued. “You know, the the the damages award needs to be supported by the evidence. And now, although jurors have a lot of room with what we call noneconomic damages, which are damages for emotional distress, reputation to turn to one’s profession in a defamation case. Still, a court is going to look at that. And so so the appellate side is very rich here.”

Lovell went on to say that Jones filing for bankruptcy presents a unique challenge to the courts trying to collect the $1.5 billion:

And it’s very possible this judgment could get discharged in bankruptcy. It’s it’s very there are a few debts that are not dischargeable, but there’s a high standard to meet those, proving a bankruptcy court, why a debt should not be discharged.

So it’s very it’s very possible that both the compensate for damages award and even the punitive damages award, depending on what it’s based, could be discharged. And if that’s the case, this judgment wiped out. And on top of that, he continues his fundraising off of the trial with with his base. He can start to build up his coffers.

“Bankruptcy either is not elected or the debts are are not discharged. Now, the plaintiffs want to collect. Well, that’s a challenge in of itself. Each state has certain assets that are not collectible that they they protect. And then they go. You have to go and you have to find the money,” he added.

Jones filed an appeal in October for a new trial, claiming the default judgement and “evidentiary rulings” prevented him from receiving a fair trial.

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