Apple Gives Mueller Access to Roger Stone’s iCloud, After Protecting Privacy of San Bernardino Terrorists

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Apple grants full access to Roger Stone's iCloud to Mueller team after protecting the privacy rights of the San Bernardino terrorists

Apple, the company that refused to violate the “privacy rights” of the San Bernardino terrorists, have turned over access to Roger Stone’s iCloud account to the Mueller investigation.

Three years after Apple defended the privacy of the San Bernardino terrorists who killed and injured dozens during a mass shooting event, the company has eagerly given the office of Special Counsel complete and unfettered access to Trump advisor Roger Stone’s iCloud account, according to Apple Insider. reports: According to the Washington Post, Apple objected to giving the federal government backdoor access to the shooters iPhones, claiming it would “set a dangerous precedent.”

“From the beginning, we objected to the FBI’s demand that Apple build a backdoor into the iPhone because we believed it was wrong and would set a dangerous precedent. As a result of the government’s dismissal, neither of these occurred. This case should never have been brought.”

Fast forward to present, and we see that Apple no longer seems to have the same privacy concerns it once did in 2015. Without any fight, they simply turned over Roger Stone’s iCloud passwords and God knows what else, because Orange Man Bad. The fact that Apple views a political persecution less of a hill to die on than protecting the rights of terrorists who killed and maimed dozens of Americans is quite telling.

More from the Washington Post on Apple’s refusal to turn over access to the San Bernandino shooters devices…

“If allowed to stand, the order in Apple’s case would have forced company engineers to create software to disable a phone security feature so that the FBI could try its hand at unlocking the device by cracking a numeric password. Apple quickly resisted, arguing that forcing it to create such software would violate the company’s constitutional rights and weaken privacy for users around the world.”

Which makes us wonder… what exactly was Apple threatened with by Robert Mueller and the Office of the Special Counsel for them to abandon their firm stance against turning over user data and access to federal investigators? Surely they didn’t reason that two mass shooters were more deserving of their tough stand against government overreach and backdoor programs? There must be some explanation as to how they could give the federal government the power to access our privately held devices and accounts at will right?

You may not like Roger Stone and you may not agree with him. However, he has been charged with non-violent process crimes that have nothing to do with Russian collusion. Robert Mueller’s team has yet to provide one scintilla of evidence that points to real Russian collusion, instead using his unchecked power and un-elected authority to exact political revenge on the people who stopped his pal Hillary Clinton from becoming President.

This should concern Americans on all ends of the political spectrum. Right now it is Roger Stone… but anyone who dared imagine anything other than President Hillary Rodham Clinton is sitting in the cross-hairs of rogue prosecutor and his all too willing Gestapo goon squad.

Stone has mounted a vigorous defense and plans to defend his honor by any legal means necessary.

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