Evidence Proves DNC Was Not Hacked by Russia in 2016; It Was an ‘Inside Job’

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Evidence proves DNC was not hacked by Russians in 2016 - it was an inside job

New evidence shows that the DNC emails were not hacked by the Russians in 2016, but were more likely leaked by somebody working for the Democrat Party.

In their recent book suggesting the Russians are to blame of Hillary’s 2016 election loss, far-left trolls Michael Isikoff and David Corn, two people involved in releasing the fake Trump dossier, attempt to tie the release of DNC emails to Russia.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: In their book Russian Roulette, Isikoff and Corn share the following about the firm (CrowdStrike) the Democrats used to look into their data breach (p. 74) –

One of CrowdStrike’s first moves was to advise the DNC officials to do nothing. Don’t shut down the system. Don’t stop using it. The reason: Any dramatic action or change in routine could alert the hackers they had been spotted, and then the intruders might take steps to make it impossible to ferret them out of the system.” (Isikoff, p. 74)

But this is nonsense on many counts:

If the “intruders” could have “made it impossible to ferret them out of the system,” this is the first thing they would have done. Not even CrowdStrike would have given the DNC the advice “to do nothing“. The DNC and CrowdStrike coordinated and provided this false account in order to explain why the DNC did nothing when it discovered the breach.

“CrowdStrike and the lawyers warned the small circle of DNC officials in the know to keep their mouths shut. And this meant not telling anyone in the Clinton campaign.” (Isikoff, p. 74-75)

Instead of installing additional controls to prevent hacking, adding additional malware protection or other related preventative actions, the DNC decided to the keep everything secret and the same?  This makes no sense at all.

The Democrats next held a gathering on June 10, 2016 per an AP report:

It was 4 p.m. on Friday June 10 when some 100 staffers filed into the Democratic National Committee’s main conference room for a mandatory, all-hands meeting.

“What I am about to tell you cannot leave this room,” DNC chief operating officer Lindsey Reynolds told the assembled crowd, according to two people there at the time.

Everyone needed to turn in their laptops immediately; there would be no last-minute emails; no downloading documents and no exceptions. Reynolds insisted on total secrecy.

“Don’t even talk to your dog about it,” she was quoted as saying.

Reynolds didn’t return messages seeking comment.

Two days later, as the cybersecurity firm that was brought in to clean out the DNC’s computers finished its work, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange told a British Sunday television show that emails related to Clinton were “pending publication.”

“WikiLeaks has a very good year ahead,” he said.

On Tuesday, June 14, the Democrats went public with the allegation that their computers had been compromised by Russian state-backed hackers, including Fancy Bear.

The DNC was never hacked by Russians.  This was a tall tale developed by someone of the likes of Hillary’s creepy Campaign Manger John Podesta.  If they were hacked they would have implemented aggressive controls to prevent future hacks.  They wouldn’t have called a team meeting and asked the entire team to provide their laptops.

The actions taken by the DNC after the release of their emails were consistent with a loss of emails due to an insider job rather than a hacking from outsiders, let alone Russians.  The DNC never let anyone but CrowdStrike look at their server.  The FBI hasn’t even reviewed their server, but the entire fairy tale led to the Mueller Witchhunt and it’s all a lie.

Some say the insider who released the emails was Seth Rich.  A Bernie Sanders supporter who was murdered in Washington DC in July of 2016 – God rest his soul.  This makes more sense than Russia hacking the DNC.

Russians never hacked the DNC.  Mueller and the FBI never investigated the DNC servers.  A witchhunt was created from this mess and the US has now incurred over two years and millions of dollars discovering that it was all a lie.

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