Are Russian Tanks Crossing Into Ukraine?

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According to a Ukrainian military spokesman, Russian Tanks have crossed over into Ukrainian territory over the last few days.

Bus loads of military personnel have also been seen.

This comes in the footsteps of the recent Minsk Peace Agreement signed by Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France.

The Russians and their equipment were seen heading towards Novoazovsk, a town in the south-east, to help the Rebels, according to the report.


  • A Ukraine military spokesman today described how equipment and ammunition had been “crossing from Russia into Ukraine” and appeared to be heading in the direction of Novoazovsk, a rebel-held town in the south-east.
  • It comes just a week after the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany thrashed out a peace agreement in Belarus capital Minsk last Thursday.
  • The deal hopes to resurrect a stillborn ceasefire after the first Minsk agreement collapsed shortly after being signed five months ago.
  • Military spokesman Andriy Lysenko said in a televised briefing: “In recent days, despite the Minsk agreement, military equipment and ammunition has been tracked crossing from Russia into Ukraine.
  • “More than 20 tanks, 10 self-propelled artillery systems and 15 trucks have entered in the direction of Novoazovsk.”
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