Arkansas Grand Jury Convened To Indict Bill and Hillary Clinton

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A grand jury in Arkansas has convened to indict Bill and Hillary Clinton, and the first indictment tied to the Foundation has been issued.

A grand jury in Arkansas has been convened to indict Bill and Hillary Clinton, as well as Clinton Foundation employees, for crimes connected to the “pay-for-play scheme,” according to reports.

Corey Hiland, a US attorney picked by Trump in 2017, now has a grand jury in place in Little Rock, Arkansas, and has been working for months, according to the Washington Post.

The battle for Clinton justice is no longer just about Trump, who said Hillary Clinton should be in jail. It’s no longer just about Sessions, who went on the record, before he was Attorney General, describing the Clinton Foundation as a pay-for-play scheme.

It’s now about Corey Hiland, the prosecuting US Attorney in Arkansas who is not going to play ball with the Clintons and their Foundation.

Trump’s pick for US Attorney for the eastern district of Arkansas is determined to deliver justice to the Clintons and their criminal Foundation. Despite his cool and unassuming exterior, a fiery yet focused determination simmers underneath.

Corey Hiland has re-opened the Clinton Foundation investigation that was closed down by Loretta Lynch and James Comey. He has a grand jury with subpoena power, thanks to Attorney General Jeff Sessions in D.C.

US Attorney for the Arkansas Eastern District, Corey Hiland, has vowed to deliver justice to victims of the Clinton Foundation.

The Washington Post, the newspaper of the Deep State, has begun foreshadowing the Clinton indictments, preparing their readers for the inevitable. They are petrified, and they know it is going to take place. They don’t know how to spin it, so they have started saying that Trump has influenced the Department of Justice.

They are saying this without any evidence, while giving Bill Clinton a free pass after he met with Loretta Lynch on a tarmac in Phoenix, three days before Hillary Clinton’s interview with the FBI, with the express purpose of influencing the investigation.

This episode proves the corrupt, deceitful nature of mainstream media, in particular the CIA-financed Washington Post. They are still doing their best to cover for the Clintons. However their machinations have been exposed. Their time is running out.


The first indictment tied to the Clinton Foundation has already been issued. Though don’t expect mainstream media to cover this in any detail. They have already attempted to brush it under the carpet using deflection and misdirection to confuse their readers.

The former president of a Maryland transportation company that moved to nuclear materials across the United States has been indicted, accused of bribing an official at Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corp. The charges were unsealed Friday by the Department of Justice.

Despite what mainstream media want you to believe, the Uranium One scandal is being investigated. Low-level individuals are being indicted and questions, with the goal of working higher up – all the way to the two Clintons are the top of the pyramid.

No wonder Julian Assange tweeted an image of a chessboard yesterday.

Many people were confused by Assange’s post, but chess players understood exactly what he meant. The chess pieces show a move from the Capablanca vs Marshall chess game of 1918 – considered one of the greatest games of all time.

CHECKMATE is just one move away. It has been a long road, full of the worst kind of criminality and deceit, but Julian Assange’s sworn enemy, Hillary Clinton, is now one move away from defeat.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at The People's Voice. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
Baxter Dmitry


    • Not if Hildabeast’s ankle boot is what we really think it is.
      Haven’t seen Slick lately, maybe he “broke his ankle” recently and is wearing one too!

      • It’s possible they already have. Destination: Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Lots of weird traffic headed there from Houston, Atlanta and Florida last week. If not, there may be reservations being placed even as we speak.

        • But check out The Gateway Pundit’s article…Slick Willy’s been tweeting yesterday/today that Chelsea’s wedding/wedding gown was not paid with funds intended for Haiti from the Clinton Foundation. James Woods zinged him 3 tweets.

          • Leaked emails, courtesy of Wikileaks, say otherwise. John PODESTA got an email telling him “resources” from the foundation were funneled for Chelsea’s wedding from a foundation underling.

          • Yes, IMPEACHED BILLY is trying the same game that got him IMPEACHED…..parsing words while LYING.

            They PAID Chelsea with PHONY PAYMENTS and “Expenses” and BONUSES…..

            Wait till that little nugget comes out the BONUSES paid to CF upper tier managment….FOR A SO CALLED CHARITY.

          • Neither Clinton has been previously known to engage in twitter wars until now. Any staffer could tweet on behalf of the Clintons them being otherwise ‘busy.’

      • It’s possible they already have. Destination: Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Lots of weird traffic headed there from Houston, Atlanta and Florida last week. If not, there may be reservations being placed even as we speak.

      • She’d need to get that ankle bracelet hidden by her plastic cast removed as well as turn off their cell phones.

    • They have already been there setting up their new house….. and they have a large kennel out the back for Chelsea woof woof

    • The Clintons’ $15,000,000 stash in the Banco de Mexico was just discovered. So was Barry’s $29,000,000 in Singapore, and McCain’s $19,000,000. Also, fancy Nancy’s $8,000,000 in Deutsche Bank. When last seen, Hillary still had her sore-toe boot (with probable tracking device). I doubt she’s going anywhere but Gitmo.

  1. May they both endure the eternal pain they inflicted on so many. Just how slow could they perish…throw in the bastard child as well.

  2. I am going to take the day off and celebrate when the news comes down that they Clintons have been indicted. That’s worthy of the best bourbon in the store. People will be asking me why I can’t stop smiling.

  3. Wonderful and well presented factual piece, but I don’t think that Clintons clan in the main target. The Grand Prix will be The Inditement of 44: Uranium One deal was on his watch. Loretta Lynch and Comey led plot is HIS child. Wiretap of the Candidate Trump AND (!) President-elect Trump is HIS criminal affair. Abuse of power for political ends is his PLOT. We will see the whole leftist coup and DNC corruption exposed in full jail glory.

  4. I hope Jeff and Corey put the witnesses in a well guarded place; Clinton witnesses generally have had short shelf lives followed by suspicious endings. I do hope “Dept. of Corrections” orange is in her color wheel.

    • Now that their usefulness is about used up, perhaps it’s the Clinton’s that may just commit “Arkanside”. After all, there are bigger fish higher up on the food chain who may not want their names mentioned.

  5. Ingenious tweet by Assange, the Queen of Darkness one move away from being taken down by the deplorable little white pawn, or actually check mate, to say it’s game over for Hillary.

  6. So she is going to die in prison of being bashed to death with a dumbbell in the Gym……… and ole billy slime is gonna die in prison of….an aids related illness… lol ..Que Sera, Sera

  7. Pray for the protection of ALL involved in this. So many people close to the Clintons have met with “mysterious” ends…..

  8. His name is Cody Hiland… a typo or just bad info?

    I know it seems like a little thing, but has anyone verified this story ?

  9. Cruz’s father killed jfk.
    Obama is Kenyan.
    Historic electoral college win
    Size of inauguration crowd
    Mexico pay for wall
    Net worth billions
    Won’t increase American debt
    Will close carried interest loophole
    Has plan to replace Obamacare

    Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

    It NEVER stop. Ever. The man is literally a congenital liar.

  10. I’m sick of the gross out ethics, corruption and degradation of for and by these animals! Time to put them away once and for all!
    Make sure all their wealth is seized and divided up amongst all of their victims!
    Maybe it’s time to bring back public hangings!

  11. Does “Baxter Dmitry” (should it be the other way around?) speak truth to power, or does whoever writes this stuff spread BS to the gullible?

  12. Corey Hiland needs to get a 24 hour bodyguard, wear a vest, eat only food he has prepared for himself at home and check the brakes and under the hood before he drives.

    And stay out of public parks.

  13. Anything relating to Genicide should be gotten rid of. It! History but a very pathetic one.. Indian stuff too. Our pathetic history of war is trying to repeat it itself…

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