Ann Coulter: Move Epstein to Super Max Facility Before He Is ‘Suicided’

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Ann Coulter calls for Jeffrey Epstein to be moved to maximum security prison before he is 'suicided'

Ann Coulter has urged the Bureau of Prisons to move pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein to a Super Max facility so that “the people who want him dead” won’t be able to hide their role in his child sex crimes.

Epstein was found nearly unconscious inside his NYC jail cell this week, following an apparent suicide attempt.

The incident occurred amid reports that Epstein had visited the Clinton White House multiple times, contradicting claims by Bill Clinton that he had “limited contact” with the sex offender. reports: Now Ann Coulter is calling for Epstein to be protected so that the powerful people complicit in his crimes do not go free.

“Dear Bureau of Prisons: Please get Jeffrey Epstein to a super Max prison pronto, or the people who want him dead will make sure we never know the truth. ACT NOW!” tweeted Coulter.

Her sentiment was echoed by other commentators who suspect that Epstein might be ‘suicided’ in order to cover-up the activities of a high level sex trafficking network.

“I’m not saying the Clinton body count is real,” remarked Mike Cernovich. “I’m also not going to say that a lot of people with damaging information about the Clintons don’t commit suicide.”

“I wonder if Bill Clinton or others were involved with his attempted “suicide,” commented Manny Alicandro.

“Epstein was found after having attempted suicide by shooting himself twice in the back, according to reports from Bill Clinton’s Twitter account,” joked Michael Knowles.

MMA fighter Tara LaRosa even waded in on the conspiracy theory, tweeting, “Looks like the Clintons tried to suicide Jeffrey Epstein.”


  1. If its in the media, you can be assured this whole story is scripted. If they didn’t want this exposure, Epstein would have just been killed, but they certainly have a sinister plan at play here.

  2. Even the Mexicans had ‘El Chapo’ on CCTV when he dropped into the tunnel. You mean to tell me Epstein wasn’t on 24/7 surveillance?

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