Armed Gunmen Attack Dallas Police HQ

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Dallas Police

A gang of men with automatic weapons have opened fire on the Headquarters of Dallas Police.

US authorities have confirmed the death of one of the suspects.

Explosives were also found, one of which exploded outside the police building when a robot tried to disarm it.
The incident happened in the early hours of today. Police chief Chief David Brown says one suspect fled the scene in an armoured van described as a ‘Zombie Apocalypse Assault Vehicle and Troop Transport’. Police can’t determine motive, or how many men were involved in the initial assault.

The armoured van was chased by police to a nearby suburb were more gun battles took place with the gang. Dallas police SWAT team is now in a stand-off with the gunmen. Officers have identified one of the suspects as James Boulware – a man from Paris, Texas, with a history of family violence. He is reportedly pissed of with the police for loosing custody of his son and being labelled a ‘terrorist’.

The Belfast Telegraph reports:

Police said no motive for the shooting has been established and conflicting witness accounts made it difficult to determine how many gunmen were involved.

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Mr Brown told a news conference that the shoot-out began at about 12.30am local time, when the suspects parked in front of the building and began firing.

He said at least one suspect fled the scene in a van which rammed a police cruiser before leading officers on a chase that ended in an ongoing stand-off at a car park in the city of Hutchins, where more gunfire was exchanged.

Mr Brown said the suspect driving the van told officers that he blames police for losing custody of his son and “accusing him of being a terrorist”.

Dallas Police

The gunman also said he had explosives in the van, which appeared to be fitted with gun ports in the sides.

No injuries were reported.

Based on witness accounts, Mr Brown said as many as four suspects may have been involved in the original shooting, including some who may have been strategically positioned at elevated positions.

Police could not immediately confirm how many gunmen were involved and where any additional suspects may be located.

Mr Brown said officers also found four bags outside police headquarters, including one containing a pipe bomb which later exploded. Police were evacuating nearby residents as a precaution, he added.

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