African Migrants Build Roadblocks On Italian Island Of Lampedusa As Invasion Unfolds

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Invasion of Lampedusa

The small Italian island Lampedusa has recently seen a huge rise in the number of illegal migrants arriving by boat from North Africa.

10,000 or more have already arrived, which is more than the island’s permanent population off just over 6,000.

After watching footage of the invasion unfold in Lampedusa Elon Musk blasted George Soros, saying it appeared that he wanted the “destruction of Western civilization.”

The outnumbered Italian residents on the island have started demanding measures to stop the flood of what appears to be mainly male migrants.

The migrants meanwhile are building road blocks allegedly in protest against Italian authorities

The 10,000+ migrants who has so far arrived are now being dispersed throughout Europe.

InfoWars reports: News of the blockades comes as over 10,000 migrants hailing from Tunisia suddenly invaded the tiny island off the coast of Italy last week, with 10,000 more reportedly en route.

The mayor of the small island, measuring only 7.8 square miles, says the unexpected flood of migrants is overwhelming and straining resources, and he fears the situation has reached a point beyond repair.

“In the past 48 hours, around 7,000 people have arrived on my island, an island that has always welcomed and saved in its arms,” Lampedusa Mayor Filippo Mannino said last week.

“Now we have reached a point of no return where the role played by this small rock in the middle of the Mediterranean has been put into crisis by the dramatic nature of this phenomenon.”

Startling footage shows apocalyptic scenes unfolding on the island as boats and boats of migrants arrive unchecked.

Meanwhile, all eyes are on Italy’s right-wing populist Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who on Sunday toured Lampedusa and has asked other European nations to help “to stop departures [from Africa]” as it can potentially “threaten the future of Europe.”

“If anyone thinks that this crisis we are facing could be just resolved within Italian borders, it would be a very big mistake, because this problem involves everyone and needs to be tackled by everyone,” Meloni said during the visit. “I continue to say that we will never resolve it by talking only about redistribution [of migrants] – the only way to resolve it is to stop departures.”

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