Armed Rape Suspect In Custody After Taking Hostages At Burger King

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A rape suspect fleeing from the police took four people including a seven-year-old girl hostage at a Burger King restaurant in Baltimore on Sunday.

The armed suspect was later taken into custody by Maryland State Police after barricading himself in the restaurant for a few hours with hostages including a 7-year-old girl and a 70-year-old woman.

The rape suspect ran into the fast food restaurant with a gun after police identified him and his car and gave chase.

The man was described as a “big… African American” by a witness and was a suspect wanted by police on rape charges.

RT reports:

A seven-year-old girl was among those held captive by the armed suspect, according to Baltimore police.

No harm has been done to any of [the hostages],” police spokesman T.J. Smith said, adding that a 70-year-old woman was also among those kept captive.

Two people have been first released during the police operation at the scene, according to the police spokesman. The child remained inside the restaurant until negotiations successfully ended, he added.

The gunman is a suspect wanted on a rape charge, Smith said, adding that he fled from police before barricading himself in the restaurant at 1735 Washington Blvd.

The suspect refused to pull over after he had been spotted by officers, according to the police spokesman. The armed man’s vehicle also collided with another vehicle, and the man then fled on foot into Burger King.

There has reportedly been “some tension” between alleged family members of one of the hostages and the police, an eyewitness tweeted. In another post, she wrote she had been told the armed man was a “big… African American.

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