Assad Says Aleppo Victory Will Change Course Of War In Syria

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Assad Says Aleppo Victory Will Change Course Of War In Syria

The Syrian President said that a victory in the battle for the city of Aleppo will be “a huge step” toward bringing the war in Syria to an end.

President Bashar al-Assad also said the full liberation of Aleppo would deal a huge blow to regional and international supporters of the terrorist groups.

“It’s true that Aleppo will be a win for us, but let’s be realistic, it won’t mean the end of the war in Syria,…but it will be a huge step towards this end.” Assad said.

Assad’s troops appear closer than ever to retaking all of Aleppo…overnight rebels retreated from the last parts of Aleppo’s Old City that had been under their control since 2012.

Press TV reports:

The Syrian president said in response to a question about the possibility of a ceasefire in Aleppo that such a possibility was “practically non-existent, of course.”

“The Americans in particular are insisting on demanding a truce, because their terrorist agents are now in a difficult situation,” Assad said.
Washington would have no more trump cards to show if Aleppo is liberated, the Syrian president stated.

Assad said Aleppo was the “last hope” of militants and their supporters, “after their failure in the battles of Damascus and Homs.”

The Syrian president said the militants’ defeat in Aleppo would fully change the course of battle in Syria.

“The decision to liberate all of Syria is taken and Aleppo is part of it,” al-Mayadeen quoted the president as saying.

Assad also stated that Turkey had done its best to protect the militant stronghold in Aleppo, but it has failed.

The Syrian government has been making advances in militant-held areas in eastern Aleppo, with recent reports saying that the military and its allies have managed to retake two-thirds of the territory that used to be under the control of the militants.


  1. Dear Mr. Assad, dear Mr. Putin, with all do respect to the both of you and wishing you both well, I must remind you that it was written long long ago, that Damascus will be turned to rubble, and when it is, the rest of the world will be wishing in short time it was not. For it is then the wise and the fool will realize that the third world war is in full bloom.

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