NASA’s Mars Trek Tool Takes You On A Tour Of Red Planet

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Mars is available for viewing within your computer browser thanks to NASA


NASA lets you take a virtual tour of the Red Planet from the comfort of your home.

Mars Trek website has an interactive map of the Red Planet that can be viewed in 2D OR 3D.
There is no need to blast off from earth and travel through outer space to get a good look at our cousin planet, Mars.
Its ancestral heritage reminds scientists very much of earth.

RT reports:

Mars Trek is an interactive map composed of images taken from a several past missions. You can choose to view the Red Planet in 2D or 3D and zoom in on specific areas.

The program also offers users a variety of views: north polar, south polar, and global. And believe it or not, those views offer some pretty amazing scenes – including valleys, volcanoes, and other Martian landforms, as well as the landing spots of famous Mars rovers.

If you’re afraid of what you might find while navigating the Red Planet all alone, don’t worry. You can use the handy “bookmarks” function, which will automatically take you to the Mars’ most interesting areas, including the Olympus Mons volcano – the largest volcano in the solar system, measuring 379 miles in diameter.

You can even recreate elements of the trip using a 3D printer – consider it a modern day postcard from the most exotic place you’ve ever “visited.”

NASA says that Mars Trek is primarily aimed at students and the general public, though more technical information for scientists and advanced students will come in the future.