Democrat Rep Says Women In Sports Losing To Biological Males ‘Need To Work Harder’

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Wisconsin Democrat Rep. David Considine has a message for women competing against biological males in sports: If they are beating you, you just “need to work harder.”

Considine claims he asked his granddaughter, who is involved in college sports, what she thought about transgender women who were born male competing against biological women.

“She said, you know what? If a trans woman was competing against me in the sport then that just means, if that person is better than me, I need to work harder.”

The Democrat state representative’s statement came as two male cyclists cleaned up at a women’s cycling event in Chicago, storming to “victory” and taking the gold and silver medals.

Tessa Johnson, 25, and Evelyn Williamson, 30, are both men who claim to be transgender “women.”

However, their clear physical advantages over female competitors saw them dominate the races, leaving real women in the race little hope of victory.

The domination of the event by two men has led to calls for stricter rules on such events to be implemented.

Tessa Johnson celebrating “victory” over biological women in Chicago this week

Johnson won first place in the Women’s SingleSpeed and Cat Half categories of the Chicago CrossCup, the Daily Mail reports.

Williamson, meanwhile, placed second in the SingleSpeed at the October 7 contest.

The pair, who are clearly biologically male, continue to dominate at women’s cycling events.

Williamson has “won” 18 titles in the women’s category in the past six years.

Johnson also won several races after previously competing, and failing to succeed, in men’s categories.

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