Ukraine Lies Are Iraq Lies All over Again

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Ukraine Lies Are Iraq Lies All over Again

Propaganda machine doesn’t invent new lies. It recycles the old

Ukraine Lies Are Iraq Lies All over Again

This is Iraq all over again. I’m talking about the deception of the American people about a threat that may not even exist. Iraq had its “weapons of mass destruction.” Ukraine has its alleged “invasion” by Russia and threat to the rest of Eastern Europe. I busted this myth in my book Ukraine in the Crosshairs. What I found in my research is that those trying to convince us of Putin’s dastardly role are lying.

In all honesty I don’t know whether or not Russia has played the role it’s been accused of. But I did find that those who are trying to convince us of that rely upon fabrications. I’ve got evidence of that.

Blaming the media for all this is like blaming the messenger. With Iraq, sure, many news people played along like puppy dogs. And they’re jumping through the same hoops now. It’s true that there are a handful of media commentators and a few media outlets that have made Russia bashing their forte. But that’s not what’s been propelling this story. There needs to be more focus on exposing the brains (or lack of brains!) behind the false stories about Ukraine.

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