Assange Truth Bomb: ‘Incompetent’ CIA Is ‘Responsible For ISIS, Al-Qaeda’

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Julian Assange has blasted the CIA as "useless and incompetent" and declared that the agency has the blood of millions on its hands.

Julian Assange has blasted the “useless, incompetent” CIA and blamed them for the rise of ISIS, al-Qaeda, and declared that the agency has the blood of millions of people around the world on it’s hands.

Assange told Spanish current affairs show When It’s Gone: “The CIA is basically useless. They are extremely incompetent as an organization.”

It is the organisation that gave us the end of democracy in Iran, Pinochet, the destruction of Libya, the rise of ISIS within Libya, al-Qaeda, the Syrian disaster and the Iraq war. 

“It is one of the most useless organizations in the world.” 

The WikiLeaks editor was speaking from the Ecuadorian embassy in London, his refuge for the past five years. British police have said he will be arrested if he leaves the building.

He told When It’s Gone “the Embassy is better than a prison” but the ”monotony” and lack of family life was difficult.


Assange has been locked in a war of words with CIA Director Mike Pompeo for weeks.

Assange accused the CIA of trying to “subvert” his First Amendment rights after Director Mike Pompeo called the group a “non-state hostile intelligence service” that is often abetted by “state actors like Russia.”

History shows the danger of allowing the CIA or any intelligence agency, whose very modus operandi includes misdirection and lying, to be the sole arbiter of what is true or what is prudent,Assange said in a statement. “Otherwise every day might see a repeat of the many foolish CIA actions which have led to death, displacement, dictatorship and terrorism.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. This is trying to make it sound like all the evil the CIA has done, and does is just a bad accident. Hell no, it is deliberate evil. They did not accidentally start ISIS, and the US air force does not ‘accidentally”, bomb the hell out of innocent Syrians in support of ISIS.

  2. and what about the chem trails poisoning most of the world here in Portugal non stop for 4 days every body coughing and feeling ill

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