Rep. Gaetz Accuses Joe Biden of “Simping” for China

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Rep. Matt Gaetz accuses Joe Biden of simping for China

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz blasted Joe Biden for spending the last 50 years “simping for China” on Wednesday.

The word “Simp” is commonly used as an insult directed at men who overly praise or lust after e-girls online. In this case, Gaetz is accusing Biden of being China’s lapdog.

“Joe Biden has spent 50 years simping for China even as we’re going through this coronavirus,” The Republican Congressman tweeted.

The fact that the term has become so popular that it has now being used by our politicians could mean the death knell for the meme according to some.

“Simp” has made it to Congressman twitter,” said one Twitter user. “Time to kill the meme.”