Assassination Attempt On Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

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Reports of an assassination attempt on President Assad are circulating, saying that shots were fired as the Syrian president attended his mothers funeral on Tuesday

International media outlets have reported that an assassination attempt on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad occurred on Tuesday evening whilst he attended his mothers funeral. 

According to reports, the funeral procession was shelled from mortars, during the funeral of Anisa Makhlouf.

Radio station Shems FM report that at least five mortar shells and grad rockets were fired in the direction of Assad’s motorcade in the district of Qardaha.

Several relatives have been reported as injured or killed.

Qardaha (Arabic: قرداحة‎ / ALA-LC: Qardāḥah) is a village in northwestern Syria, in the mountains overlooking the coastal town of Latakia.

Nearby localities include Kilmakho to the west, Bustan al-Basha to the southwest, Harf al-Musaytirah to the southeast and Muzayraa to the north.

According to the Syria Central Bureau of Statistics, Qardaha had a population of 8,671 in 2004. It has a predominantly Alawite population and is the traditional home of the Assad family.

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