‘AstraZeneca Widow’ Slams Mainstream Media For Downplaying Lethal Vaccine Risks

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zion and vicki spit

The bereaved partner of a British rock musician who died as a result of the AstraZeneca Covid jab is holding the media to account for downplaying the potentially lethal side effects associated with the experimental vaccine.

Vikki Spit who was the basist in the same band as her partner, has called out the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in a social media post where she pointed out that she was the first person to be compensated for vaccine injuries under the UK’s Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme. This meant that the government found that the vaccine was responsible for the death of her 48-year-old fiancée Zion on May 19 2021.


In a statement published Sunday on Twitter, Spit wrote: “I am the first person in the UK to receive a payment from the VDPS – vaccine damage payment scheme, for the death of my fiancée caused solely by the AZ vax”.

InfoWars reports: Zion died in May 2021 just two weeks after taking the AZ jab, with a neurosurgeon calling Spit to tell her “they’d had to remove a massive piece of skull because the pressure on his brain was enormous.”

“They said they’d never seen anything like it – they didn’t expect him to wake up, and if he did he’d be in a vegetative state. And they said they thought it was caused by the AstraZeneca vaccine,” Spit stated at the time.

Despite the landmark payout and newsworthiness of her issue, Spit says lethal vaccine side effects have received virtually no media coverage, and moreover the BBC has not attempted to warn people about the jab’s potentially deadly consequences.

Instead, Spit says, the BBC is running a program dubbed, “Unvaccinated,” which conflates the concerns of real vaccine injury victims and families with conspiracy theories about the jabs.

“Do you understand THIS is why myself and other confirmed injured and bereaved have been abused, ignored, belittled and suppressed for the last 18 months?” Spit wrote.

“You have muddied the waters deliberately so that people are unable to differentiate between proven fact and unproven theory as you present it all [as] MISLEADING INFORMATION. This is a massive addition of insult to injury. You have actively contributed to the suffering of genuinely injured and bereaved families – and you continue to do so.”

Spit argued that since the UK government has determined vaccines to be at fault for her fiancée’s death, the BBC should “acknowledge there is a difference between those who suffered and died from VITT [Vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia] and GBS [Guillain-Barre Syndrome] and all the other terrible adverse reactions, and those who are worried about microchips.”

Spit’s fiancée Zion suffered a massive headache just two weeks after receiving the jab, with paramedics initially brushing off the vaccine as a possible explanation for his ailment.

An ambulance was again summoned two days later after the typically healthy vocalist was reportedly slurring his words and suffered a seizure.

The musician suffered another seizure in front of paramedics before being taken to the Royal Victoria Infirmary where doctors were unable to save him.

While the media is not yet ready to own up to the vaccine dangers, the UK government now acknowledges the jabs can cause blood clots and that deaths have occurred following vaccination, though it calls such complications “rare.”

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