Government Accidentally Sends Evidence of Top-Secret Mind Control Weapons

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Homeland security accidentally released records on mind control technology

The government has accidentally sent evidence of a top secret mind-control weapons program in an email responding to a Freedom of Information Act request on a totally unrelated topic.

According to the accidentally-released government files, Psycho-electronic weapons are a powerful mind-control weapons system capable of being deployed in various ways. Is this another case of a “conspiracy theory” becoming conspiracy fact?

In response to a FAOI request about Antifa and white supremacists, journalist Chris Waltman was emailed a file named “EM effects on human” The contents of the file included several images with information on something called psycho-electronic weapons.

The first image from the file is a diagram of the human form with various ways the weapons use electromagnetism to attack the mind and body. Effects include “forced memory blanking”, “Controlled dreams”, and “Microwave hearing.”

The diagram shows “psycho-electronic” weapons that appear to use electromagnetism to create a wide variety of effects on the subject, including reading or writing your mind, causing intense pain, “rigor mortis,” forced orgasm, and, bizarrely, a whole lot of itching.


Effects of Psycho-electronic Weapons Include:

  • Forced Memory Blanking
  • Induced hearing
  • Violent itching inside eyelids
  • Genital itching
  • Forced Orgasm
  • Controlled Dreams
  • Reading Thoughts
  • Manipulation of the hands
  • Much more (See image above)

The second image emailed by the government to Curtis Waltman at is a diagram showing the various deployment mechanisms for the mind control weapons system.

According to the second image, the weapons system can be operated from a small device in a neighboring home, a helicopter flying above the target, a truck parked on the street and even through antenna towers straight into your brain.

The frequencies used for different applications were also revealed.

The third image explains the electronic signal and the different ranges of frequency for the distinct brain waves that the human brain produces (Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Mu).

What are these strange documents?

Are they proof the government has an arsenal of top-secret mind control weapons?

If I had to guess, I would say you wouldn’t want to bet against it. It’s very possible they are real and in use by the government. Remember, in the 1960’s they created remote controlled dogs. Heart attack guns. And don’t forget about Project MK Ultra.

And if you are up to speed on the Havana Syndrome, then some of the symptoms may sound familiar.

You can download the file accidentally sent to Curtis Waltman at the link below.

EM effects on human

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Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Synrocasting in fully synrotronical 3D in all feilds of broadcast waves light/mag-energy/sound/Xray so on.Soundcasting in synro smart A.I into enhanced realitys which dehances your subjects by PODcasters on clouds is EVERYWHERE today way way past the cold war non-A.I or smart interactives

  2. The technology to, for one example, broadcast audible voices directly into someone’s head has been around for decades. There is absolutely no “conspiracy theory” to this. Nor is any of the technology displayed here any secret. It’s all public knowledge and has been for decades.

      • ZN is a toxic heavy metal they have brainwashed you into thinking is good.Any metal sup will kill you Zinc causes wilson`s disease and amia/cancer plus it is a common element seen in all kinds of foods naturally.IT will not save you from broadcasters or make you a super hero it will build up in your organs and you will dies from it.There are many countercasting ways to defend from wireless warfare but all biomasses are subject to ANY&all broadcasts and there is no vit/min/sup that will change that and 5G is just one more broadcast wave length.They can X-ray though the earth and they do to see WTF is going on with the plates.

    • That’s why they flourudate the water or get the dentist to smother your mouth in it Fluoride shrivels your pineal gland to next to nothing. Look at the Vaticans PINE CONE symbols statues They use it the pine cone as the figure of the pineal gland They’ve known it’s secret for centuries.

  3. Look that’s all OLD technology they sent him. They’ve been using all that for decades. Remember when you just suddenly forgot your PIN number that you knew perfectly well before.? They do it from cans here Usually a Ford Transit van that they have set up as just a plain white van but the cargo areas, full of scientific spying and mind control weaponry. And from government agencies, like hospitals and drs surgeries and cop shops,.

  4. Is this real? OMG, that is an hilarious diagram! I wonder what it would be like if all those enforced things happened at the same time….hahahahaha.

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