‘Aww, Poor White People’: Democrats Mock Deadly Ramming Attack At Christmas Parade

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Democrats mock deadly Waukesha Christmas attack

Democrats reacted to the deadly attack on a Christmas parade in Waukesha on Sunday night by mocking the “poor white people” who were killed, blaming “white supremacy” and claiming the driver was acting in “self-defense” à la Kyle Rittenhouse.

Yes, really.

OTHRSource CEO Mark L. Feinberg reacted to the mass executions of white people by saying “perhaps it was self defense from the crowds” and mocking the brutal murder of “poor white people.”

Informationliberation.com reports: UPDATE: Feinberg is now playing the “anti-semitism” card:

Other leftists expressed similar anti-white hate:

More via Andy Ngo:

The assailant, who one witness described as a “black guy with deadlocks,” killed multiple people, including children and injured at least 23.

The deadly attack was caught on camera by horrified onlookers.