Donald Trump Calls Belgium A ‘Beautiful City’

Fact checked
Donald Trump

During a Donald Trump rally in Atlanta on Thursday the presumptive Republican presidential nominee called the proud nation of Belgium a “beautiful city.”

The Donald had previously called Belgium’s beautiful capital Brussels a “hellhole.”

Maybe he forgot after all Donald Trump did turn 70 a few days ago.

Chron reports:

While bringing up recent terror attacks in Europe, Trump stated that “Belgium is a beautiful city.” He almost certainly meant the capital, Brussels.

The gaffe seems more forgivable than many of the other things he’s said in the wake of the gay nightclub shooting in Orlando. Still, opponents can be exacting about geography screw-ups. Remember the outcry when Obama referred to visiting “57 states”?

Ryan Williams YouTube:

This isn’t the worst insult Trump has flung at Belgium. In January, he referred to Brussels as a “hellhole.

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