‘Ruthless’ Baby Killer Beaten To Death Weeks After Being Released From Prison

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A convicted baby murderer, described as "heartless" by prosecutors, has been found dead weeks after being allowed to leave prison.

A convicted baby murderer, described as “ruthless” and “heartless” by prosecutors, has been found dead weeks after being allowed to leave prison.

David Gaut, 54, was found dead with serious head and facial injuries on Saturday in his rented flat in New Tredegar. One of his neighbors said: ‘He was given a good beating. Some people are saying he should have the same treatment he gave to that baby. An eye for an eye’.

David Gaut was jailed for life after brutally killing a 17-month old child in South Wales 33 years ago.

Three men, including two said to be “close neighbors”, have been arrested in connection with the child killer’s death.

Daily Mail reports: Today Chi’s mother Jane Pickthall was shocked by the news and told MailOnline she had no idea he had been killed – but declined to comment further.

Gaut was released from prison in November and was housed in New Tredegar last month – but locals in his new neighbourhood found out about his sickening past using Google.

Forensics officers photograph the lawn of 54-year-old David Gaut was found dead at his flat in New Tredegar, South Wales
Officers are also carrying out fingertip searches for evidence outside the council flat

Gaut, who told new neighbours he had served 33 years for killing a soldier, was babysitting for his then girlfriend when he battered, kicked, and burned the sole of Chi’s foot before dumping his battered body under a chest of drawers.

He even had sex with the boy’s mother after the murder and it was only the next morning when she found her beloved son dead with a broken arm, torn liver and a fractured skull.


Today it emerged that the child killer had been released from prison in November – and he may have been moved three times before ending up in the home where he died.

He told locals he had served 33 years for murder  – but insisted it was because he had shot a soldier and claimed he was a victim of a miscarriage of justice.

But it appears residents of New Tredegar delved further and found out more about his terrible past using Google.

Gaut was found dead with severe facial and head injuries in his council-owned flat.

Villager are furious that Gaut was housed in a council flat in their community.

They became suspicious after Gaut ‘bragged’ to them he had served time for 33 years.

A local, who did not want to be named, said: ‘We got to know him quite well since he’d moved in.

‘He used to go on about how he had been in prison for 33 years. He bragged about it. He told us he had shot a soldier but he told us he had been set up.

‘We were in his flat and saw his middle name was Tracy on the letters he had.

‘We thought that was unusual so I googled him to see if I could find out what he had done.

‘That’s when we saw the details of what he did to the baby boy. We couldn’t believe it.

‘It’s disgusting. I can’t believe we have been living (near) that. Apparently he’s been moved three times since he’s been out if prison. Word got out then about what he had done.’

Another woman said: ‘He then said he had shot someone a long time ago but we knew that wasn’t true. Everyone knew he killed a baby and everyone was talking about it.’

Neighbours say police have been combing the area and looking inside wheelie bins while forensics officers were photographing the lawn outside his home.

Searches are also believed to have been carried out in a river behind the properties.

One man said: ‘They’ve been looking everywhere. There was a burnt out car that they were looking at.

‘They’ve been in our bins and looked in the river as well.’

The Ministry of Justice today confirmed that there had been a risk assessment before Gaut moved in last month.

A Prison and Probation Service spokesperson said: ‘Thorough risk assessments are carried out before deciding on accommodation for offenders released on licence.

‘There is an ongoing police investigation, so it would be in appropriate to comment further.’

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  1. Proving once again, that true justice comes from the community, and not the courts. Bravo to who ever served the justice, I only wish I could shake your hand or hands, and buy you or all a pint. Bravo !!!!!

  2. YES!!!! It took 33 years for that poor baby to get justice, and it came at the hands of strangers. Good Riddance.

  3. How did he survive prison? On this side of the pond this sort of thing is usually sorted out within a month or two.

    In the US, you can live out your term in prison after doing a lot of evil things. Violence toward a child is not one of them.

    Inmates have children and love them and are helpless to defend them EXCEPT by executing men like this.

    So they do. So would I and, apparently so would Gaut’s neighbors.

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