Baltimore Residents Thank POTUS After Trump Supporters Help Clean up City

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Baltimore residents thank Trump after conservatives help clean up the city

A large number of Trump supporters visited west Baltimore earlier this week to help clean up the area following President Trump’s claim that the city is a “rat infested mess.”

Organizer Scott Presler and dozens of other Trump supporters, including Jack Posobiec, got their hands dirty for the massive clean up operation.

Illustrating just how long some of the trash had been allowed to remain on the streets, a copy of the Washington Post from the day after Obama won the election in 2008 was found. reports: Scott wrote The Gateway Pundit hoping we would share the news, “After the comments on Baltimore, I’ve decided to organize a trash clean up in Baltimore city next week. Instead of just tweeting, or complaining about how bad things are, we are going to take action. The tweet that I posted about going to Baltimore has gone viral and dozens of volunteers have messaged me wanting to help clean up trash. I just wanted to make you aware that this is happening.”


On Monday Scott Presler and dozens of Trump supporters gathered in Baltimore for a trash clean-up day.

Jack Posobiec was there to film the community clean-up today.

The video coming from Baltimore is exceptional.

Baltimore residents thanked President Trump on Monday for today’s clean-up efforts

“Thank you, Mr. Trump!”
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