BBC ‘Censors’ Report Removing References To Convicted Pedo Being Ex-Drag Queen

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The British Broadcaster argued that it referenced 'details not reported in court'


The BBC has been accused of “woke” censorship by removing LGBTQ+ references from a report on a convicted pedophile.

The British broadcasters initial online coverage referred to 61 year old Andrew Way as an ex-drag queen who organized pride events.

According to the Internet Archive, the article had originally noted that Way “had also been organising [sic] the first-ever gay Pride event for Welshppol, Powys” While that detail was still in the piece after the title was updated, it was later removed as well.

Both facts were edited out within 24 hours on August 25.

Toby Young, of the Free Speech Union, said that he imagined LGBTQ+ activists may have forced the BBC to backtrack.

The Sun reported: Andrew Allison, of the Freedom Association, added: “This story highlights how woke the BBC is.

“The initial story was correct.”

Way, of Wrexham, North Wales, was last week jailed for 34 months after admitting trying to engage in sexual communication with a child of 14.

He was caught in an online sting by paedophile hunters who set up a fake profile.

Way, who appeared on TV’s Judge Rinder in 2019 and uses the stage name Miss Gin, sent explicit messages and images.

The BBC said: “An earlier version of this story made reference to details not reported in court and has been updated accordingly.”

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