BBC Insider: Jimmy Savile’s Ghost Terrorising And Assaulting Staff

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A popular Radio 1 DJ has gone on the record and revealed that Jimmy Savile still stalks the hallways of the BBC.

A popular Radio 1 DJ has gone on the record and revealed that Jimmy Savile still stalks the hallways of the BBC.

The well-known prime time DJ, who wishes to remain anonymous, recounted his first experience with Jimmy Savile’s ghost:

“I felt something enter the toilets but I couldn’t see anybody. I can’t explain how I knew but I was certain something was there. Suddenly I could smell cigar smoke and Lynx Africa and I could feel somebody touching me. He ran his bony hand down my crack.”

“Then his hands pushed me against the wall and I could feel the weight of his body pressing up against me. I could feel a little pecker against my back.”

Anonymous Radio 1 DJ
The BBC Radio 1 DJ says he “felt something enter the toilets but I couldn’t see anybody,” suspecting it to be the late Jimmy Savile’s ghost.

Savile’s ghost left – but returned for more a week later.

It was the same the next week, just a bit more aggressive. He went a bit further. I don’t want to go into details, but he knows what he’s doing. And I’m not the only one [to have been harassed by Jimmy Savile’s ghost.] From what people are saying, it gets a lot worse than what I’ve been through.”

Spectrophilia is the phenomenon of sexual encounters between ghosts and humans. Is the BBC in the grip of a spectral harassment crisis?

BBC Compliance insisted that no more children’s TV shows could be filmed at the TV Centre after a few incidents occurred in the dressing rooms,” a Senior BBC Producer said. “That got the executives upstairs worried. There was an investigation. Next thing we know we are all being moved out of London to Salford”.

They had to close down TV Centre because it just became SO obscene.”

BBC TV Centre in London, now closed down for good
BBC Compliance stopped children’s shows from being filmed at the studio due to numerous complaints. According to a BBC insider, the decision to close down the iconic BBC TV Centre in London and relocate staff to Salford is partly down to Savile’s relentless terrorising of staff.

The Senior Producer insisted he hasn’t been “touched up, or worse” himself, but he knows people who have been, a few of whom he counts as close friends.

I have a theory that it’s not just Savile returning to his old stomping ground, but this time he’s bought his mates along with him,” he said. “There are predators in the hallways, toilets, green rooms, kitchens, janitor’s closets… They are everywhere.”

The Hollywood film The Enmity was said to be the real life story of Doris Blither’s sexual haunting in 1974 in California. It became one of the biggest supernatural sex cases ever researched after Blither reported multiple spectral rapes. If reports from the BBC are to be believed, Savile’s ghost could eclipse that record.

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