Behar: Trump Is a ‘Domestic Terrorist’ – Seattle Protestors Are ‘Peaceful’

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Joy Behar says President Trump is a terrorist while claiming the Seattle protestors are peaceful

Joy Behar accused President Trump of being a domestic terrorist on Thursday’s broadcast of The View, after claiming that the Seattle radicals who have taken over parts of the city are “peaceful” protestors.

Fellow co-host Whoopi Goldberg and her team began by discussing the situation in Seattle where a group of far-left thugs have taken over seven square miles of the city, including a police precinct and government buildings. Immediately, Goldberg took a swipe at President Trump for calling the radical protestors “domestic terrorists.”

“One of the areas of protest and demonstration in Seattle is one neighborhood which has been taken by protesters as a police-free zone,” Whoopi said. “Mayor Dirken is talking with the protesters about this, but ‘you know who’ can’t keep his fingers out of it.”

“Isn’t [Trump] in danger of escalating the violence with his tough talk?” Goldberg asked.

“Do you think [Trump] is helping at all? Since the governor, the mayor, and the police are all working together to fix this?” Whoopi asked Joy Behar.

“He doesn’t help anything,” Behar responded. “As a matter of fact, he has the nerve to call anybody a domestic terrorist. He’s the domestic terrorist. He’s the one who’s been impeached for obstructing justice in this country.”

“He’s worried about people in Seattle,” Behar continued. “By the way, if he wants to do something about Seattle, somebody better show him where it is on the map. I doubt that he even knows where it is. Get back in your bunker. Get back in the bunker.” reports: Sunny Hostin weighed in, saying that she believed Trump was only using the term in order to justify possibly bringing in military force.

“I think it’s really a shocking description of Americans exercising their constitutional rights, and I think people should be very fearful of that,” Hostin explained.

Hostin added there is no list of “domestic terrorists,” even though Antifa has just been named one.

“It’s really a shocking description of Americans exercising their Constitutional rights,” Hostin said about the Seattle BLM and Antifa thugs who are occupying the government buildings.

“They have been peacefully exercising their rights,” Sunny added, as Behar joined in to totally agree.

That’s when something really strange happened. Whoopi Goldberg stepped in feeling that Joy had gone too far in calling the president “a domestic terrorist.” It appears that The View has been torched in recent days by Americans fed up with their rhetoric.

Goldberg turned back to Behar, prodding her to either walk back or clarify her earlier claim.

“Joy, I need you to clear up one thing. You were not calling the president a domestic terrorist. You were just saying that his take on this is a little crazier than you thought. Is that right?” Goldberg asked.

Poor Joy seemed uncertain, but she accepted Goldberg’s prompt.

“Um, yeah. I guess. I’m not calling anybody names like he does. It’s just that it seems ironic,” Behar said, dejected. “I’ll get in trouble for calling him a domestic terrorist, but he won’t get in trouble for calling innocent people domestic terrorists. That’s the irony of this situation. So I take it back. I take it back.”

This is really bad news for the shrews of The View. Goldberg has never prodded one of the cohosts to “walk something back,” especially about President Trump.

This can only mean one thing: the rumors are true. ABC has come under fire by Americans who are sick and tired of the crazy anti-Trump propaganda and name-calling. As painful as it was, Whoopi had to make Joy Behar walk back her claim that Trump was a “domestic terrorist.”

Well, it just goes to show you, even the most hardened leftwing nutjobs on TV must pay attention to what the majority of Americans think, which left poor Joy Behar looking like a fool.

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