Liberals Say Trump’s Acquittal Is A Victory For ‘White Supremacy’

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Trumps Acquittal

Even though most people did not expect Donald Trump’s impeachment to pass in the Senate, his most fierce critics have expressed shock over his acquittal calling it a victory for fascism and white supremacy.

Just mintes after Trump’s aquittal was announced actress and Democrat activist Alyssa Milano tweeted: “It is a sad day in America when only 7 republicans have the patriotism and integrity to convict a tyrant,”

Milano and others have suggested that Trump be tried in an actual court.

RT reports: In order for Trump to be convicted, 17 Republicans would have had to side with Democrats on the impeachment, which many speculated was implausible. Ultimately, seven Republicans voted to impeach after closing arguments from Trump’s defense team and Democrats pushing for the conviction.

The Republicans who supported Trump through the trial – many of whom chalked up Trump’s rhetoric on January 6 in the run-up to the US Capitol riot and before then pushing election fraud allegations as free speech that should not be legally punished – faced the wrath of liberals for their decisions, blasted as “enemies of democracy” and “fascists.”

“I don’t know who needs to hear this, but this whole impeachment is really just a referendum on whether white supremacy should continue to be the organizing principle of the United States of America,” comedian W. Kamau Bell tweeted about the result. 

Comparing Trump’s acquittal to a victory for “white supremacy” was a common thread among Trump critics on Twitter.

“Acquitting Donald Trump ignores just how dangerous he was and continues to be. So long as there is no accountability, the white supremacy he and others like Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley uplift will remain a threat to our democracy,” the Black Lives Matter Twitter account said.


  1. Sure like now if your not evil and cruel to animals then your a white supremacist according to the PSYCHOPATHS .

    • You need to understand Soros is a front for the City They try to deceive us by telling us how Soros robbed england by money trading hut it’s not true What he did was put Margaret Thatchers position back and kicked that guy who set England currency to Europe’s into the bin. Majors I think his name was He worked for them and got paid handsomely. Nothing is what it seems .Bit the truth is the Liveries almost run the world except that they take orders from their Superiors .And no one hardly knows anything about them At all .Secrecy really rules the world Almost total secrecy Anything in public is 99% b/ s .

  2. White liberals are the most racist & most entitled. Bill & Hillary Clinton, Joe, Jill & Hunter Biden, Nasty Pelosi, etc., have gotten away with all their crimes. White liberal privilege?

    • If you trace their ancestry you will see that irs not white. Its class I’ll bet obomos lineage includes some white bloodlines though Most 99% of white people dont get away with anything

  3. The very concept that Trump was encouraging his followers to attack the Capital is ridiculous. If he had wanted his supporters to attack the Capitol, they would have shown up in battle gear. They would have looked like antifa with shields and helmets and batons. Not red MAGA hats.

  4. I don’t think these libtard idiots know what fascism is…. the left is the party/ideology that controls peoples thoughts and actions.

    “… characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy…”

    • And it’s called the left because the left hand is always been associated with evil satanic forces Its not right .I used to get canned for being left handed even though I could use either hand It made ni difference to me and it took me ages to actually figure out which hand knifes and forks ” should ” go .But because they said I wasnt allowed to write left handed I did Still do But do everything else ” normally ” .Anyway it’s all complete nonsense All.of it .

    • Literally built Western Civilization when Africa was still (and often still is) filled with tribalism and tribal rivalries. Those rivalries produced a lucrative slave trade for the strongest tribes and tribal leaders.

    • They will never assimilate to a civilized society, no matter how much free stuff you give them. They’re the same around the world. And 350 years from now, they’ll still be acting like tribal knuckledraggers. It’s in their DNA. President Harris will probably try and mandate a honkie in every wood-pile, to change their genetic makeup, but what’s going to happen will not be to their liking. q : {O

  5. Funny thing, Trump PUBLICLY condemned the KKK and other White Supremacy movements several times. Biden and the Left allow Antifa and BLM free reign without condemnation. Now, who’s dangerous?

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