Belgian Government Begin Gassing Anti-Globalist Protestors – Media Blackout

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Belgian government gas anti-Globalist protestors

The tyrannical Belgian government has begun gassing thousands of its own citizens who are peacefully protesting globalism.

Over 5,000 people protesting the signing of the UN Migration Pact were sprayed with tear gas on Sunday.

Per Fox News:

Demonstrators protesting against a new United Nations migration pact outside the European Union’s headquarters in Brussels this weekend were met with tear gas and water cannons after some of them became violent.

Riot police closed off streets in the city center and confronted some protesters after about 5,000 gathered on Sunday for a march local authorities initially banned due to the threat of violence.

The protesters were objecting to a UN compact on migration, a non-binding agreement among the majority states to cooperate in ensuring safe migration and upholding the rights of migrants around the world, Sky News reported. The pact, which was signed in Marrakesh last week, has been criticized by conservative and rightwing voices, who contend Europe is already overrun with migrants from Africa and the Middle East. The huge numbers that flooded the continent after the start of the war in Syria have been tied to a rise in crime and terrorism as well as labor and poverty issues.

Information Liberation reports:

The UN Suicide Pact reportedly seeks to make immigration a “human right” and “criminalize criticism of migration” as “hate speech.”

A disturbing UN plan which went viral recently along with discussions of the pact called for “replacement migration” to address the “new challenges of declining and ageing populations.”

Here’s some excerpts showing what these globalists have in mind:

The UN wants us to fit 4 billion people into Europe and the UK (current population 508 million) and pass laws to imprison anyone who dares to go against their agenda.


  1. Does anybody believe this cr#p they are always crying about over population
    and now all of a sudden they want to shift people around to places were they
    can breed more. No this is about the destruction of Europe and European Nations a planned invasion.
    Old $oros revenge on Europe. Is it not strange Obama a known globalist disrupted the middle east to create a refugee crisis creating an instant invasion force.

  2. the inbred satanic quranimals will never assimilate to civilized cultures

    the browning down of white nations makes them easier to control and tax into oblivion

  3. Can you begin to imagine the promises that have been made to those who fully cooperate ?
    Just look at all the chaos and destabilizing havoc all over Europe.
    This would not be happening unless all the greedy salivating frothing hate-filled Overlords made HUGE promises to all who collude.
    The prizes and rewards will be unprecedented. Wealth and power beyond their wildest dreams.
    Meanwhile you and I go broke and suffer with untold disease and regulation.
    I think we’ve finally reached that point where it’s time to put our remotes down, lock and load, and get fighting.

  4. There was a time at this site, a collect of information would be shared correct, what happen to you guys, did your balls drop off?

    Google it, “Corrupt NGOs Of Israel Are The Founders For UN Global Migration Pack”

  5. The elite are intentionally destroying are faith in government as eventually they will want us to overthrow our governments when our society hits the right chaotic level. Than they will let us slaughter one another for a while and eventually they will propose a plan to end the blood shed, which everyone will gladly accept, except for the fact that we will essentially be slaves to their monarchy, and their king, the antichrist will rule the earth. Revelations unfolding right before our eyes. The Illuminati, freemasons, Templars, Catholic church, Mormons, Jehovahs witness’s, Hindu’s, Buddists, etc are all working towards this goal together, as the antichrist will be the next Budda to the Buddists: Lord Maitreya, and will also be the jewish messiah. All those religions root from the same pile in ancient Babylon, hence the constant mention of Babylon in revelations, that’s where Lucifers mystery religion began (freemasonry is the study of the mystery religions of Babylon, you cant be a Christian and also be a mason). Montasanto is also setting the stage for a food famine (see the black horse with the balance in revelations). Good times ahead, no need to fear, Jesus will protect his people.

  6. This rising up against the oppressive government policies of globalism highlights peoples desire for a just and righteous government.
    A righteous world government will soon take control of this earth and oust all human governments that have been the very obstacles to world peace.
    Jesus,while on earth, demonstrated on a small scale ,what will be the daily reality under his ruler ship in God’ Kingdom.
    The masses will be fed, the sick healed, the dead raised. Yes God’s original purpose for the earth and humans will be realized once and for all.
    The time is near as we see the squall lines of the greatest tribulation to ever hit mankind are now on the horizon just as Jesus said they would just before His coming to execute God’s judgement on this world.There is still time to sue for peace with earth’s incoming King by distancing ourselves from satans political powers that have almost completely ruined our earth and make the God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob sovereign in our lives as He Jehovah God has the only program of salvation in this universe .An unending life with vibrant health, and eternal opportunities to experience the unimaginable blessings amidst a true loving brotherhood of man (that will feel accountable to their creator), will be the order of the day every day to eternity and beyond.
    As Psalms 146:3 urges us
    “3 Do not trust in princes,
    or in human beings, who cannot deliver!
    4 Their life’s breath departs, they return to the ground;
    on that day their plans die.
    5 How blessed is the one whose helper is the God of Jacob,
    whose hope is in the Lord his God,
    6 the one who made heaven and earth,
    the sea, and all that is in them,
    who remains forever faithful,” NET Bible

  7. Belgium is named after the ancient sungod Baal or Bel, hence the name “Bel”-gium. The Hebrew language typically didn’t use vowels, hence bel and bal or baal are the same name

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