Bernie Sanders Caught Hiring Twice-Arrested Illegal Alien as Press Secretary

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Bernie Sanders under fire for hiring illegal immigrant as his Press Secretary

Sen. Bernie Sanders has come under fire for hiring an illegal immigrant who cannot vote to serve as his deputy press secretary. 

Belén Sisa has a history of arrests, a criminal record, and has been connected to far-left extremist organizations. She also boasts that she successfully organized a prison strike:

She has been arrested at least twice for protests throughout her activist career. As a college senior in 2017, she was jailed for her role in a sit-in outside of Sen. Chuck Schumer’s, D-N.Y., office. While in jail, Sisa told reporters that she organized a “prison strike.”

Just weeks before that, she was arrested for a protest outside the Senate Hart Office Building. reports: She announced her new position in a lengthy Facebook post.

“I have many scars and bruises, but the hope is still there. My life recently has taken some crazy unexpected twists and turns,” Sisa wrote on Facebook.

“From thinking I was going to be moving to San Francisco, to now moving to Washington, DC. I know many of you are wondering what exactly I’ll be doing in DC,” she continued.

“Well… I am incredibly excited and honored to announce that I will be joining the Bernie 2020 campaign as National Deputy Press Secretary!” Sisa asserted.

Here’s more from Fox News:

The activist, who previously went viral in 2017 after posting a photo of herself paying taxes in an effort to change people’s perceptions about illegal immigrants, repeatedly said she was brought into the country illegally by her parents from Argentina when she was merely 6 years old.

She told multiple outlets that her stay in the U.S. is protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, introduced by the Obama administration.

In January, she appeared on CNN, where she was described as an undocumented “Dreamer” and spoke out about her immigration status being debated during the government shutdown.

“If [President Trump] truly cared about Dreamers, if he truly cared about undocumented youth, he would not be using us as bargaining chips through his tantrum of getting a wall that makes no sense,” she said.

“It’s horrible. It’s really disappointing and saddening to see that the person who is supposed to hold this country together is doing nothing but dividing the American people by holding immigrant youth hostage.”

Quite amazing to see that Sanders hired an illegal alien with a criminal record to serve as his deputy press secretary for his 2020 campaign and she can’t even vote for him.

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