Best Buy Management Announce Leadership Program That’s Only Open To ‘People Of Colour’

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'No Whites Allowed'

Best buy

Best Buy has come under fire after it was revealed that a company leadership program specifically excludes white people from participating.

Candidates for the program ‘must meet the (racial) requirements’ and ‘identify as Black, Latino, Hispanic, Asian or Pacific Islander.’

Details of the discriminatory program were leaked by James O’Keefe’s new watchdog group OMG and are causing outrage on social media.

InfoWars reports: A virtual form for the program features the Best Buy logo and says candidates for the program seeking to enhance leadership skills “must meet the [racial] requirements” before saying it’s only open to people who “identify as Black, Latino, Hispanic, Asian or Pacific Islander.”

Another Twitter user highlighted the fact the group behind the leadership program, McKinsey & Co., has previously partnered with the World Economic Forum as part of The Global Lighthouse Network “pushing SEL [social and emotional learning], DEI [diversity, equity, and inclusion], CRT [critical race theory] and ESG [environmental, social and governance] in schools around the world.”

Following news of the leadership program’s evidently racist details, Best Buy CEO Corie Barry made her X account private.

The retailer was also hit with fierce criticism and calls for boycotts.

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