Bette Midler Tells Women ‘Save The Sperm’ To Use As Evidence in Child Support Lawsuits

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Bittle Midler

Bette Midler has taken her activism to a bizarre level by advising women to “save the sperm” next time they have sex with a man.

The far-left singer and actress urged her followers to “save the sperm” so that they can claim child support payments following the repeal of Roe v. Wade.

Using her Twitter platform, Midler advised: “Hi, ladies; just a brief note to remind you to ‘Save the Sperm’ next time you have sex, so that if you get pregnant, you have the evidence to SUE and WIN 18 years of child support!”

Breitbart reports: Given that any standard paternity test can determine the father of a baby, which can then be used in a court of law to obtain child support, Midler’s recommendation makes little sense or carries any level of practicality.


Today, a simple blood test is often all the court needs to establish paternity. DNA or other blood tests are typically 99.9% accurate at determining the child’s biological father.
If a court establishes paternity, the judge will order the father to pay child support for the child and grant him custody or visitation rights.


  1. And why aren’t they using condoms What’s wrong with that old women? Why aren’t they on the pill or using protection? WTF???

  2. Bette is so detached from reality. All of these Hollyweird individuals are clinically insane.

    • Actually your comment is detached from reality and they aren’t clinically insane despite not agreeing with you. Your comment is stupid immature childish thoughtless. No wonder duqus gave you 5 votes. They love to promote rubbish comments that could never form any sort of I inteligent adult conversation. It’s tbrir passive agreesive I tentiond to diminish the enemy since they are totally left wing neo nazis themselves. Just like they totally censor this site and manipulate it to present the most in effect useless comments as the most popular.

      • Anybody with a 3rd grade education understands what DNA is and why you wouldn’t need to “save the sperm” for a child support lawsuit. She’s insane, and quite stupid to boot. Take a “lead vitamin”. It’s nutritious for somebody of your monumental stupidity. Buh-bye.

      • You truly are a phucking moron. I wish I could block you but for some reason the site won’t allow it. I’m convinced you’re one of the moderators here.

      • A fake hollywood want2b hidding behind a fake hollywood father IMAGE is really (SIC) and I`am sure the actors stuntman and doubles playing the fake WOWboy 99 year old don`t like it none nither

    • BUT she is much richer than you looser and I`ll bet she has sperm&Eggs in frozen storage EVERYWHERE thus she is rich and you are NOT!.

  3. Awe, let’s face it Bette, nobody wants to bang you. You are an excellent example of what we call in French, a two-bag hag.

    • She’s in her 70s now getting to 80s now, but she was a sex symbol when she was younger. She was the symbol of sexual freedom in her hey day. She was a big star in the 70s.

    • Well they aren’t going to check the cat. But the point is dna can be falsefied totally. Because they’re like a closed system. You cannot trust it At all. They’re often corrupt.

    • But if you freeze the sperm& or eggs you own the bloodline/s and can reproduce them and even own them.You can`t legally CLONE in the USA yet so she is lIIIIght years ahead of you clunky stinkers

  4. First point Sure they can say the tests are 99.99 % accurate because who can prove they aren’t? Simole as that You can’t prove they aren’t after tbryvr first made sure to establish that you were there at the time and they can prove it etc.
    But the girl could have slept with a dozen guys that day and if they know you don’t know then neither will the Court know about it either Reality.
    Second point, the court can order you to pay but grant you visitation rights. How pompous. As if they could order you to pay and deny you even rights to see the kid Your kid And they can too.
    Pompous arrogance. Good intentions but in the wrong hands evil outcomes.
    All depending on the Morality.
    Why aren’t women held responsible for their own actions They know they can fall pregnant It’s their body They know when Theure likely to conceive Not the male partner He doesn’t know their cycle They do women can only fall pregnant on rare occasions It’s not like every day of the year when their in season on heat ripe. They know when Why are they held responsible?
    It’s their body They know when to stay home and keep themselves from falling pregnant that month.

    • The DNA of the sperm would be meaningless unless it proved that the said male was indeed the father.It could even prove that he was not the father if it didn`t match the geno of the offspring.The stealing of sperm or eggs is a crime as even if they are frozen someone still owns them anyway

    • Again disqus will put you in number 2 spot when everyone knows she has one child and has been married to her husband forever and is probably the least slutty female in Hollywood.

      • And again it’s passive aggressive and designed to make any strangers wandering about the Internet who stumble on this site think that the comments here are from idiots.They do the same thing all over since they have almost a monopoly on comments sections for most new s sites online.

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