Bette Midler: Trump Could ‘Literally’ Kill Someone In NYC This Year, Dems Must Impeach

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Hollywood actress and leftist Bette Midler made the wild claim that President Donald Trump could "literally" shoot someone on the streets of New York City before the end of this year.

Hollywood actress and leftist Bette Midler made the wild claim that President Donald Trump could “literally” shoot someone on the streets of New York City before the end of this year.

Bette Midler, 73, who has previously stated that she hopes President Trump is stabbed to death, was complaining on Twitter that Democrats haven’t already impeached the president.

So are the Democrats waiting for Trump to *literally* shoot someone on Fifth Ave before they’ll impeach him?” Midler said on Monday.

I mean, with this guy, it’s could happen before the end of the year. Asking for a friend. My country.

Breitbart report: The Hocus Pocus star spends a lot of time making far-left political pronouncements on Twitter. Just last week, for instance, she indulged the fantasy that pop singer Beyoncé’s large number of Instagram fans could band together and vote Trump out of office next November, even though a huge amount of her social media fans are under the voting age or aren’t U.S. citizens.

There is a long list of other such tweets. In July, for instance, Midler exclaimed that President Trump “rapes us all with impunity.” That same month, the singer also got in a bit of trouble for her racist exclamation that black voters who vote for Republicans are not smart enough to understand what they are doing.

The month before that Midler was seen tweeting that she hoped the president would be stabbed to death. She deleted that tweet after another backlash.

Also, late last year, Midler was forced to apologize for body shaming First Lady Melania Trump.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. This used up movie star should be arrested and thrown in jail. She is a despicable person, and a typical democrat.
    A disgrace to America. Why are the liberals giving this idiot space.

  2. If thrump did doffy the power of parden would grant him forgiveness just as bill Clinton was peached and left settin powerless he still pardoned 200 bad guys and got the muti million dollar kickback book deals.The system is broke and the laws have been beached and over written by the puppets of the 1% who have over ruled by making themselves overlards again as overlord~SS^^^ sends the world into disorder 38% of americans are in jail and the streets have 100`s of millions of fully auto weapons on standby waiting for the fall or just for smits and giggles (SIC) joker movie is a real sick don`t give a dam pix putting people in harms way for a dollar WTF HTF would ever be in a trash pix about nothing but turning our streets into madness.They should be banned for life for making the public live in fear and dread with one more joker smit pix.The power clubbing power club is feeding arms sells and war mongering

  3. power of parden like bill Clinton used while left setting powerless would mean 200 would walk free even if the killed the whole FN country-the system is broke the laws have been corrupted and rewritten by the overlord 1%^^^ puppets have to work4 the system or not work at all

  4. The green party died the grass roots movement failed the system is broke the jails are full 38% of America is in jail the laws are slanted for the frat and 1%.the unions are nearly gone the streets are full of machine guns 100`s of million`s of them according the ATF.Law law enforcement officers are being killed and hope is gone the way of the peacement

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