Biden Admin Is Taking ‘Executive Action’ On ‘Epidemic’ Of US Gun Violence

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Biden gun control

The new White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre announced on Tuesday that the Biden administration is looking at “executive actions” on gun control.

“It is an epidemic, the gun violence we are seeing across the country and we have to do something” Jean-Pierre told reporters “we have to take efforts to act to protect our kids.”

She then added that the Biden administration was “looking at other executive actions” on gun control.

Summit News reports: Jean Pierre also stated that Joe Biden is not interested in making schools more secure in an effort to deter potential shooters, nor focusing on mental health issues.

“That is not his focus obviously and when it comes to school … I know there has been a conversation about hardening schools, that is not something he believes in,” Jean-Pierre said.

“What’s the problem here. The problem is with guns and not having legislation to really deal with an issue that is a pandemic here in this country,” she added.

The comments come in the wake of Biden repeatedly proclaiming that the Second Amendment is “not absolute,” and repeating claims that there have “always been limitations” to owning firearms.

Biden did, however, admit that he “cannot dictate” gun control measures.

Biden told reporters “There was a while there where people were saying that, you know, the Tree of Liberty is watered with the blood of patriots and what we have to do is … take on the government when they’re wrong. Well, to do that, you need an F-15, you know? Or you need an Abrams tank.”


  1. Sound like he is threatening us with F-15’s and tanks—I have a feeling he will be eating those words.

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