Biden All But Admits His Team Is Coordinating To “Stop Trump From Taking Power Again”

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Biden Says the Quiet Part Out Loud !

Joe Biden

Joe Biden has said the quiet bit out loud…

On Monday he said his team are “making sure… that Trump does not become President”.

In a video Biden says:

“We just have to demonstrate that he will not take power. By, ah, if we, if he does run. Making sure he, ah, under the legitimate efforts of our Constitution does not become the next President again.”

TGP reports: George Soros, Obama and Biden are working with the corrupt New York DA Alvin Bragg to take down President Trump through lawfare.  (The criminal act to use the courts to attack political opponents.  This tactic usually involves using government assets and tax payer dollars to indict and convict innocent people who prevent these communists from taking power.)

TGP reported yesterday that Obama and Biden attorney Matt Colangelo moved into the Manhattan DA’s office in December shortly before the BS case against President Trump was put in play.

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