Biden Calls Trump The ‘Sitting President’

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Joe Biden

Joe Biden referred to Donald Trump as the “sitting president” during a speech in South Carolina over the weekend.

As he ripped into Donald Trump during his speech Biden claimed is rival was the ‘sitting president’ who ‘want’s to see the economy crash

“Did you see what he recently said about…he wants to see the economy crash this year? A Sitting President,” Biden said.

InfoWars reports: Without correcting himself, Biden went on to call Trump a “loser” for referring to U.S. fallen soldiers as “suckers and losers” after refusing to pay a visit to a cemetery in France.

The 81-year-old puppet president’s latest gaffe came as he was trying to bolster his support for his economic and foreign policies ahead of the 2024 election.

Days earlier, Biden made some nonsensical remarks while visiting a brewery in Wisconsin, calling Trump his “professor” instead of “predecessor.”

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