UK Admit ‘Swaggering’ Putin Is Destroying New World Order

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Vladimir Putin is defeating the New World Order, according to the UK's new International Development Minister, Rory Stewart.

Vladimir Putin is defeating the New World Order, and “swaggering around” while doing so, according to the UK’s new International Development Minister, Rory Stewart.

In a frank assessment of the disarray the New World Order now finds itself in, Stewart said, “in Iraq, in Syria, you are looking at a real collapse of the multilateral system at a time when the United States is increasingly doubtful about what it can do to solve it.”

Describing Putin’s Russia as “swaggering around,” he explained that Russia, “has been able to transform its global status in the past three years at a time when you would have thought it would be at its weakest”, requiring a complete rethink of how the UN operates, and an urgent strengthening of global-oriented institutions.

Things are happening that would have been unimaginable 15 years ago,” he said. “The world is getting out of control.”

Stewart, a former diplomat, is one of the British ruling party’s acknowledged thinkers on foreign policy, and his recent appointment as Minister of State at International Development gives him a new platform.

Speaking at a meeting organised by the thinktank Radix at the Conservative conference, he also admitted, in quotes reported by the Guardian, that Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, had been saved by Russian military intervention.

Assad was in very real problems two years ago. The likelihood is that he would have lost Aleppo, most of the south and probably Homs as well if Russia had not intervened. Russia has been decisive in that intervention.

The International Development minister also admitted that the U.S. habit of funding “radical opposition groups” in foreign countries it wishes to destabilize.

The model of successfully taking on a Russian-backed central government from the point of view of an opposition was only pulled off by the US once and that was in Afghanistan in 1981-89. But – there is a big but – because the success of the opposition to Russia led to the catastrophe of Afghanistan from 1991-2000, you end up funding, if you are not careful, opposition groups that are much more radical than you want them to be and actually when the government collapses it leads to a civil war and the situation becomes worse on the ground.

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