Biden To Renew Gun Control Push During Speech On Crime

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Joe Biden

President Biden will renew his push for gun control push at the federal level during his upcoming speech on crime.

He plans to lay out new steps to stem a rising national tide of violent crime, with a particular focus on gun violence, as administration officials brace for what they fear could be an especially turbulent summer, according to reports by The Associated Press.

Biden’s speech, on Wednesday, will contain a mix of new executive orders and renewed calls for “Congress to pass gun legislation”

Breitbart reports: White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters that although the focus of the speech will be on crime, guns will also be a “big part” of it.

She said that Biden is focused on “putting in place gun safety measures … using the bully pulpit but also using levers at his disposal as president.”

On April 8, 2021, Biden issued numerous executive gun controls, many of which directed his Department of Justice (DOJ) to take action regarding red flag laws, “ghost guns,” and AR-pistols with stabilizer braces, among other things.

Since that time, the DOJ has put forward proposed rules on “ghost guns” and AR-pistols with stabilizer braces. They have also put forward guidance for states that want to adopt red flag laws.

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  1. Because americas army REALLY legally is Englands basically as the Monarch acting as the Pooes agent or overseer, and so they want the population defenseless And it all ties back to the BLM being rhe bureau of land management and the push to have anericans register their titles which means surrender their ownership. It’s all really nothing at all like what’s in the media Nor at all .Everything in the public interest is just total cover ups lies distractions smoke s screens Globally too .If only peioke had even a clue about the truth

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