One In Three Britons Say They’d Like To Have Sex With A Robot

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A third of Brits would not mind having an intimate relationship with a machine, according to a new report.

Dubbed the Sex Census, The report by LELO quizzed thousands of Britons about their sex habits and desires.

It revealed that a third of Britons have used, would use, or would ‘maybe’ consider using a sex robot if an affordable option was released.

The Mail Online reports: And we’re not just talking sex dolls here – sex robots refer to sophisticated devices that are integrated with AI, allowing them to move and talk just like real people.

For the report, LELO surveyed 4,000 participants about their sexual experiences and desires in 2023.

While a third of Britons said they’d like to have sex with a robot, the results revealed a huge split among genders.

Almost half (43.9 per cent) of the men surveyed said they’d be up for a robot romp, while just 21 per cent of female respondents said the same thing.

Sex robots are often confused with sex dolls – sex toys that are the same size and shape as a human.

However, sex robots are much more sophisticated, and so come with a much heftier price tag.

In its report, LELO highlights two popular sex robots called Henry and Harmony 3.0, which were created by AI robotics firm, Realbotix.

Henry was released back in 2018, and not only boasts ‘superhuman sexual performance’, but is also apparently good at cracking jokes.

At 6ft tall with a rippling six-pack and brooding dark looks, the droid can also welcome his owner home and discuss their favourite TV show or film, according to its creators.

He can even woo them with romantic phrases and words to their favourite love poem or song.

However, Henry isn’t cheap, costing between £8,000 and £11,000 ($9,940 – $13,668) depending on optional extras.

Meanwhile, Harmony 3.0 is priced at £11,700 ($14,551) and features a self-lubricating vagina which can be removed and put in the dishwasher.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Matt McMullen, CEO of Realbotix, said: ‘Customers will be able to get a body equipped with internal heating, lubrication and touch sensors.

‘Those touch sensors will communicate with the AI so that you are able to create reactions in both movement and sound.’

Mr McMullen claims that sex with robots could help to improve skills in the bedroom, by making people less afraid to be adventurous.

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