The Economist Predicts Landslide Win For Trump In 2024

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The Economist predicts Trump winning by landslide in 2024

The Economist magazine has an impressive record at predicting future events with chilling accuracy.

According to their latest covers – Donald Trump is going to win the 2024 presidential election in a massive landslide: reports: Here’s what Axios had to say:

The Economist says former President Trump presents the world’s “biggest danger” in 2024.

Why it matters: The respected 180-year-old British newspaper said a “second Trump term would be a watershed in a way the first was not” and the “fate of the world” will depend on the ballots of “tens of thousands of voters in just a handful of states” in the 2024 presidential election.

Details: The Economist said in its annual “World Ahead” guide Thursday that another four years of Trump in the White House would be “more damaging” than his previous term.

“China and its friends would rejoice over the evidence that American democracy is dysfunctional” and Beijing “could easily miscalculate over Taiwan, with catastrophic consequences.”

And Russian President Vladimir Putin “would have an incentive to fight on in Ukraine and to pick off former Soviet countries such as Moldova or the Baltic states,” according to the outlet.

Of note: The “greatest threat” Trump poses “is to his own country,” the Economist argues. The “moral authority” of the U.S. would decline “because America will have voted him in while knowing the worst.”

While “pursuing his enemies,” Trump “will wage war on any institution that stands in his way, including the courts and the Department of Justice,” the Economist said.

The big picture: The former president, who faces 91 criminal charges across four separate jurisdictions, has repeatedly made unsubstantiated claims trying to tie the prosecutors and others to Biden.

They ALWAYS tell you in advance:

So now let’s take a look at what I mean from prior examples….

These are going to blow you mind:

The Economist Predicted EVERYTHING….In 2013?

Ready to go down the rabbit hole?

I’m going to give you photographic proof that is going to blow your mind, and what you do with that is then up to you.

I’m just your humble correspondent!

Let’s talk about The Economist magazine, specifically how they strangely keep predicting the future years and decades in advance!

Before I show you those details, let’s first talk about who OWNS the Economist magazine, because once you know that fact everything else suddenly makes a lot more sense.

So, who owns the Economist?

All the “Elite” power families that run the world.

No, seriously….almost all of them.

I already knew the answer, but I asked ChatGPT so I could show it to you.

Take a look:

The Economist magazine is owned by The Economist Group. The largest shareholders in The Economist Group are Exor, an investment company controlled by the Agnelli family of Italy, which holds about 43% of the shares, and the CadburyRothschildSchroder, and Layton families, which collectively own about 21%. The remaining shares are held by a group of independent shareholders, including current and former employees of the magazine.

The power players pulling the strings of the puppets on the world stage.

So when they own and publish a magazine, they tend to leak some secrets from time to time.

Actually, leak may not be the right word.

I’ve covered this many times before, but there seems to be some law of the Universe where these Evil Elites seem obligated to tell of the evil they are doing in advance.

I don’t understand it, I don’t know why, but before every big evil event, you can always find these people telling you it was coming in advance.

They often use Hollywood to do it.

We’ve seen countless examples of movies released years and decades in advance that have plots that tell the exact same story of real world events that would not happen for years or decades later.

We’ve seen it with The Simpsons and The X Files.

Too many times to count, but here are just a few:

  1. “The Lone Gunmen” TV Series (2001) – This show, a spin-off of “The X-Files,” featured a pilot episode where the plot involved a government conspiracy to crash a commercial airliner into the World Trade Center to increase arms sales. This episode aired just months before the tragic events of September 11, 2001.
  2. “The Siege” (1998) – This film depicted terrorist attacks in New York City, including a bombing of a bus, and the subsequent military occupation of the city in response to the attacks. The themes of terrorism and the response to it in New York City eerily prefigured the events of 9/11.
  3. “Network” (1976) – This satirical film about a fictional television network predicted several future trends in the world of media, including the blurring of the line between news and entertainment and the rise of outrage as a media strategy, which has become increasingly relevant in the age of social media and 24-hour news cycles.
  4. “Wag the Dog” (1997) – This film, about a political spin doctor and a Hollywood producer who fabricate a war to distract from a presidential scandal, prefigured the way media and public relations tactics are used in politics, especially in the context of the Lewinsky scandal and the subsequent military actions in the Balkans under President Clinton.
  5. “Contagion” (2011) – This film’s depiction of a global pandemic, originating from bats, and the challenges faced by public health officials, eerily mirrors the COVID-19 pandemic that began in 2019. The movie accurately predicted various aspects of pandemic response, including social distancing, the race for a vaccine, and conspiracy theories about the virus’s origin.
  6. “Enemy of the State” (1998) – This movie’s portrayal of widespread government surveillance, including the ability to track individuals through electronic devices, prefigured the real-life revelations about government surveillance programs like those uncovered by Edward Snowden in 2013.

And when they don’t use Hollywood, they LOVE to use their precious Economist magazine.

But don’t take my word for it, let me show you!

This is The Economist Magazine from December 2012 / January 2013 issue:

Here’s a zoom in so you can see the details better:

Ok, so we have charming caption ” A Rough Guide To Hell”….how nice.

But when you start studying the details that’s where it starts to blow your mind.

Starting at the very top, where you have Netanyahu fighting Hamas….on paragliders!

Oh, you mean the EXACT same thing that would happen 10 years after this cover was published, when Hamas (allegedly) used paragliders to fly into Israel in a surprise attack?

Just an incredibly odd coincidence, huh?

A lot of those keep popping up….

What else do you see?  Drop a comment below, there is a ton hidden in here!  Let’s see what everyone can find!

Then you have the literal devil running the Climate Change hoax, so I guess they got that one right.

And you have Obama in his pedo pride boat….


Like this you mean?

A lot more here:

But it’s far from the first time The Economist has accurately predicted the future….

This may be the most famous one:

Here’s a Zoom in:

That’s the infamous Phoenix rising from the ashes of burning fiat US dollars….

They predicted it would happen in 2018 and you have to wonder if Trump winning in 2016 altered that timeline?

Oh by the way, did I mention that cover photo is from 1988?

Yes, 30 years prior to the date they predicted it would happen.

Guess they missed it by a few years, but it’s definitely here now, and I keep telling you the US Dollar is about to implode.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, so if your eyes glaze over when I talk about the US Dollar and economics, just burn this picture into your mind of the greenbacks burning and going to ZERO, while Bitcoin (or more accurately what looks like XRP and XLM) rise from the ashes.

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