Elon Musk Launches “Thermonuclear” Lawsuit Against Pizzagate Censors Media Matters

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Elon Musk launches lawsuit against pizzagate gatekeepers Media Matters

Elon Musk has announced plans to file a “thermonuclear lawsuit” against Media Matters, threatening to destroy their ability to censor evidence of an elite pedophile ring involving major politicians and world leaders.

On Saturday Musk confirmed he planned to launch the massive lawsuit against the pro-pedophilia group after they convinced advertisers to flee X by orchestrating a fake Nazi scandal on the platform.

“This week, Media Matters for America posted a story that completely misrepresented the real user experience on X, in another attempt to undermine freedom of speech and mislead advertisers,” Musk posted on X. 

Media Matters shared a fake report Thursday that showed “white nationalist and antisemitic conspiracy theories” content next to “ads for major brands like Apple, Bravo (NBCUniversal), IBM, Oracle, and Xfinity (Comcast).”

Musk outlined, “X has seen a number of attacks from activist groups like Media Matters and legacy media outlets who seek to undermine freedom of expression on our platform because they perceive it as a threat to their ideological narrative and those of their financial supporters.

He said these far-left shadowy groups are “trying to use their influence to attack our revenue streams by deceiving advertisers on X.”

Media Matters for America is run by David Brock – a notorious Clinton operative funded by George Soros and tasked with censoring social media of conservative and independent voices.  Media Matters is one of the most prolific censors on the Internet and has been instrumental in keeping the Pizzagate story suppressed and hidden from public view.

Activistpost.com reports: Earlier this week, Musk responded to an X post that criticized “Western Jewish populations” and said Jewish people were pushing “hatred against whites.” He added, “You have said the actual truth.”

As a result of the report, Apple, Disney, and IBM pulled ad spending this week.

On Thursday, X CEO Linda Yaccarino tried to calm concerns about the platform:

“When it comes to this platform — X has also been extremely clear about our efforts to combat antisemitism and discrimination. There’s no place for it anywhere in the world — it’s ugly and wrong. Full stop.”

And Musk retweeted Ben Shapiro’s nuanced explanation of the tweet-thread…

Musk added the lawsuit will be filed “when the split second court opens on Monday,” adding in a separate tweet that “many of the largest advertisers are the greatest oppressors of your right to free speech.” 

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