Australia Officially BANS Cash and Mandates Bill Gates ‘Digital Passport’ To Participate In Society

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Australia officially bans cash and mandates Bill Gates' digital ID

The WEF-infiltrated government of Australia is moving to ban physical cash nationwide and will soon force all members of the public to carry a “digital passport” to participate in society.

Make no mistake, Australia is laying the groundwork for the establishment of New World Order “cashless society” as part of a broader scheme to completely strip the public of their freedoms.

The WEF-run government claims the “digital passport” will help tackle “bad behavior” from dissenting citizens.

“Essentially it will work the same as a passport,” a Today Show reporter told viewers in Australia.

“Australians will be forced to submit 100 points of identification like their driver’s license or their passport when using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.”

“Police will have access to those social media accounts and it’s all part of a crackdown on online abuse.

“Users could be liable for defamation suits or even criminal prosecution.

“It’s all part of a plan to stop users engaging in bad behavior.”


Stephen Andrew McQueen reports: Meanwhile, Australia’s largest banks are banning cash from their business operations and moving to a digital-only system.

Macquarie Bank, Australia’s fifth-largest bank, announced Friday it will phase out cash, cheque, and phone payments in 2024 as it transitions to digital-only transactions.

Australia is not the only state to have fallen under the totalitarian control of the globalist elite.

The European Parliament and member states have reached an agreement on the mandatory rollout of Bill Gates’ Digital ID which has inbuilt features designed to exclude people from participating in society if they do not comply with the globalist agenda.

For some time now, News Addicts has been warning the masses for years that a key plan in the globalist agenda involves Digital IDs and Central Bank Digital Currencies to lock humanity in a digital prison

Meanwhile, the European Union has just admitted that we were right all along.

The elite has always denied these plans, describing anybody who dared to expose their plans as “conspiracy theorists” who need to be muzzled on social media, frozen out of society, and in some cases thrown in prison.

But now the globalists are making their move.

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