WEF Orders World Govt’s To Lower Age of Consent to 12

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The World Economic Forum has ordered governments around the world to reduce the age of consent to 12 years and decriminalize pedophilia.

The World Economic Forum has ordered governments around the world to reduce the age of consent to 12 years and decriminalize pedophilia.

According to the sick and twisted minds in the corridors of power in Davos, age of consent laws have no place in an “enlightened society” because they discriminate against a child’s right to choose to have sex with adults.

If you disagree, the globalist elite have a plan for you. According to the next step in their evil agenda, they are planning to require parents to obtain a license to raise their own children. And if parents object to key planks of the globalist agenda, including the so-called “rights of the child”, the elite will take away your right to raise your own child.

Make no mistake, they are coming for our children. If you don’t want to live in a world in which children are thrown to the wolves, the time has come to make a stand.

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We need your help dismantling a 9,000-year-old devil-worshipping pedophile cult.

The globalist elite have been attempting to normalize pedophilia behind the scenes for years now – and now we are seeing the fruits of their labor right out in the open.

The German government is considering proposals to legalize child porn and drastically lower the age of consent, as part of radical new plans pushed by the WEF to make the world more inclusive towards pedophiles.

The German Bundestag has accepted a petition outlining children’s rights which was drafted by a notorious pro-pedophilia organization. Krumme-13, a pro-pedophilia group which advocates for child rape and the legalization of pedophilia.

Among the rights listed within the petition’s text is the assertion that children have “the right to have a say in all matters that affect their emotional, mental and physical well-being,” and “the right to the free development of their personality.”

“Sexual self-determination” is included in Article 2 of the Basic Law under the phrase “free development of personality,” a fact that Gieseking made certain to point out to his followers on his website.

The activists have been demanding that the “pedophile [sexual] identity” be “protected from discrimination, criminalization, exclusion and persecution” under Germany’s equality laws.

And pedophilia isn’t the only taboo they are determined to smash. Incest is also on the WEF’s agenda and they are determined to have it legalized in all WEF-infiltrated countries, starting with Germany.

According to the WEF, anti-incest laws violate the human rights of brothers and sisters who want to have relationships and start families and a government backed group in Germany is now parroting the WEF line.

It hardly needs to be said that laws against incest are there for a reason.

But the elite are not stopping there. They are now laying the groundwork to take away the natural right of parents to raise their own children. Hillary Clinton said it takes a village to raise a child and the global elite are taking this concept even further.

A World Economic Forum professor has declared that parents will soon need to obtain a license from the government in order to raise their own children.

According to Connor Kianpour from the WEF-funded University of Colorado Boulder, parents will need to prove that they accept the radical pro-pedophilia and transgender agenda before being granted a license.

In his paper “The Kid’s Aren’t Alright: Expanding the Role of the State in Parenting,” the WEF official argues that the government should take over the primary responsibility for the raising of children.

This should pose no problems because biological parents have “no right” to raise their own children, he boldly asserts in the paper published in the Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy.   

“Individuals have no right to rear their biological children, nor do they have any interests weighty enough to justify a right to rear children generally,” Kianpour states.

“Since these rights do not exist, regulated parenting policies cannot be said to jeopardize them.”  

This is just another evil policy pushed by the globalist elite on the unsuspecting citizens of Western countries. If you are wondering how any adult could possibly bring themselves to argue that laws against pedophilia infringe on the rights of children, or that parents do not have the natural right to raise their own children, then you must remember that to the globalist elite, bad equals good. And we have now reached the stage of their master plan when they are rubbing our faces in it.

Klaus Schwab boasted in 2017 that the WEF had completely infiltrated the Canadian government and since then Justin Trudeau and his deputy Chrystia Freeland, both of whom were WEF Young Global Leaders, have pushed one WEF policy after another on the Canadian people.

First Canada became the euthanasia capital of the world, with the state determined to euthanize anybody they consider useless including children, people with disabilities, and the mentally ill. Then Trudeau worked Canada further into the WEF’s good books when he began freezing bank accounts of pro-freedom protesters involved the trucker protests.

Now Trudeau’s Canada is laying the groundwork to take children away from parents who don’t support their young children having sex change surgery and taking life altering hormones before they are old enough to have any understanding of the consequences of their decision.

And liberal Washington State is already on the move with this agenda.

Washington state passed SB 5599 earlier this year which allows the state to legally remove children from their parents if they do not consent to their child’s gender transition surgeries. All Democrats voted yes to pass the controversial bill while all Republicans voted no.

There is a war going on and the elite and their puppets in politics and entertainment are becoming more desperate by the day to normalize what in previous eras was understood to be the worst crime of all – child abuse.

At the highest levels of politics, finance and the entertainment industry, a shadowy cabal of pedophiles use their power to hide the sickening crimes they commit against children.

The globalist elite who are working against the interests of humanity are the modern relics of an ancient cult and for the first time in history they are close to being exposed to the mainstream. Why? Because humanity is waking up. We have educated ourselves and shared the information on the internet. We love our children and we have had enough of the elite’s crimes against humanity.

Woodrow Wilson was right. Some of the biggest men in the United States throughout history have been terrified of this cult.

But their power is waning.

It is more important than ever before to stand your ground and refuse to hand over your birthright to the globalist elite.

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