Muhammad Ali -The Greatest Is Not Well

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ali the greatest
ali the greatest

Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest Americans alive today is reported to be suffering from Pneumonia.Muhammad-Ali-vs-Sonny-Liston

He released a tweet on twitter to his fans about his daughter, congratulating her on her new job.

This was the second tweet from the great master in recent times. reports:

In his latest tweet, Ali praises his youngest daughter Laila Ali, 37, for becomming a TV boxing pundit. It comes after the father-of-nine was admitted to hospital in December suffering from pneumonia. However, he was released from hospital in time to celebrate his 73rd birthday with his family.

The 73-year-old legend has done more to entertain us than most boxers. It was showtime without the bells and whistles when he entered the ring. ali

You never knew when he would throw the one-two, for which he was famous for.

He knew how to put on a boxing show. His opponents were just participants in his shows, although sometimes he would be floored by them, he would often come back later and reclaim the ring. 

You were in for a ride watching a great performance, whenever the three times former World Champ entered the ring. He is the greatest heavyweight in history. He was admitted to hospital with Pneumonia in December. He paid the price for entertaining us, by developing Parksinson’s Disease.


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