Former White House Lawyer Says Biden Should Pick Obama As His Attorney General

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Biden Obama

A lawyer who worked under two Republican presidents is urging Joe Biden to select Barack Obama as his attorney general.

The former White House lawyer says this would help “re-establish the rule of law” and boost the Biden administration’s credibility among estranged voters.

RT reports: Appointing Obama as the nation’s top law enforcement official would help reassure voters rattled by the polarized US political system that President-elect Biden will govern in the national interest, said Douglas Kmiec, who headed the Office of Legal Counsel under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

Kmiec, who also worked as US ambassador to Malta in the Obama administration, made his case for the former president becoming attorney general in an essay published on Friday by The Hill. Besides providing an “unusual solution” for healing a political system shaken by the controversy over Biden’s election victory, he said, the AG post would be “perfect preparation” for the former president to subsequently become a Supreme Court justice.

But Kmiec’s notion of Obama as a reassuring force across party lines was met with strong pushback. “Just when I was thinking the government couldn’t be more corrupt in the Biden administration, there you go,” one Twitter user said.

Another commenter tweeted: “The 2020 year was horrific, and we can’t take anymore. Searching for truth has become an onerous task, so no need for sensational suggestions. Just stop.”

Some observers also argued that Obama should be a target for prosecution, not the person in charge of federal prosecutors. “Nothing like the fox guarding the hen house,” a California lawyer tweeted. Another commenter said, “He can be an inmate at Guantanamo Bay instead.”


  1. Sure A traitor the BIGGEST traitor to democratic government and the rule of law as the Will of the People would be the perfect choice for corrupt Democrats who accept that the Pope should rule the world as an Autocrat And Obomo the one who appointed him with his Catholic head of fbi,and or via appointed the popeas the global moral authority for rule of law With zero input from the will of the people whom over 6 billion are not Cathic At all and do not worship the pipe or the Vatican At all.

  2. this is a nightmare senario we got going here. The Biden inauguration needs to be stopped by any means necessary

  3. 435 congressmen
    100 senators
    12 supreme court justices
    1 president
    Totals 548 people. Think about it. If you are a multi billionaire you could bribe 3/4 of these people and have full control over the USA. and this is what has happened.
    The federal reserve bank only has to print the money to control these people, it is easy task for them.

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