Antifa Website Shows How To Injure Police, Rob Banks, & Sneak Across Border

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Antifa website shows how to injure police, rob banks and smuggle illegal immigrants across the border

Antifa have issued far-left activists with a definite step-by-step guide on how to injure police, rob banks, and sneak illegal aliens across the border.

On a website called Destructables, the far-left domestic terrorist organization instructs its readers on how to break the law without getting caught. reports: Let’s start with the guide on how too ensure that police officers get injured during protests. This apparently involves hollowing out a stick that’s holding a protest sign, then filling it with ball bearings.

When the riot cops start to move in, all a protester has to do is open up the bottom so hundreds of ball bearings fall out all over the street, and the police will slip and fall as they charge ahead.

The page on Destructables, complete with pictures and a step-by-step guide, reads:

This simple device can be used as a last line of defense when riot police attempt to charge a line of protestors. The “Ball Bearing Poster” can quickly and easily scatter a barrier of ball bearings on the street making it difficult for police to charge a crowd or a small targeted group. The bearings are concealed inside an aluminum rod which is surrounded by wood, creating the handle for your protest sign. Slowing down the advancing riot police can give the group a little more time to flee the area without getting arrested. The advantage of concealing the bearings inside a sign handle makes it easier to covertly fling the bearings in an even sweeping action. If getting arrested is unavoidable the sign can be dropped on the ground without raising any suspicions from the police – a big advantage over carrying bearings in you pocket. It’s becoming more and more common for peaceful demonstrations and protest to suddenly take a violent turn. It is often times the police that initiate violent clashes. Turning a peaceful protest violet allows the police to quickly take control of the demonstration and also offers them an opportunity to single out organizers and arrest them. Once you have your materials it takes less than 15 minutes to complete one of these. For best results make several of these for you and your fellow protesters.

You will need ( tools or supplies ):

(2) 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ x 36″ pieces of wood
Table saw
(1 ) 1/16″ thick x 1/2″diameter x 36″long aluminum tube
Wood glue
5 min epoxy
making tape or a few small wood clamps
Protest poster
(2) 5/16″ x 1/2″ tapered rubber stoppers (cork stoppers will also work)
1 pack (90/pk) 5/16″ steel ball bearings (Trumark SA30C Slingshot Ammo works well)

Destructables also distributes pamphlets that allegedly originated from the Mexican government, showing people how they can successfully evade authorities while crossing over the U.S. border illegally.

Since the communist protesters love going after banks, for some reason, the site also provides a detailed guide on how to flood a bank with protesters who are, on the outset, there to do legitimate banking, but in reality, they are there to deny other customers from doing business with the bank, thus costing the bank untold amounts of money.

The page reads:

Ever wanted to hold up a bank… and get away with it? Now you can! This model of a fun, peaceful, legal, and effective denial of service tactic can be applied to almost any business in nearly any town or city. But since we think banks deserve it most, we beta-tested it on Wells Fargo. Here’s how you can do it, too. Simply put, it involves creating an endless line that will effectively disrupt branch operations for the day. During our initial action, an irate branch manager actually said, “You think this is just a harmless protest, but you have no idea how much damage you’ve done!” Please note: The steps will be presented using a bank as the model target. Of course, with minor adjustments you can use it for the business of your choosing.

This scheme is based on gathering hundreds of protesters who each have a check for a few cents and just stand in line and waste everyone’s time at the bank. All day. Of course only jobless protesters have this much spare time to carry out such a lame stunt. They consider this a hold up, and while they aren’t directly taking money from the bank, they are denying the bank the ability to do business, thus costing the bank untold amounts of money.

There are also guides on how to evade the policeembezzle from your employers, making smoke bombs for protests, drilling open dead bolt locks, and more.

Ladies, gentlemen, and those of non conforming gender, this is the modern day leftist activist, quickly becoming mainstream left as folks such as Alexandri Ocasio-Cortez are aligning themselves with these kinds of activists.

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