Majority Of Nursing Home Workers In Ohio Are Refusing To Have The Coronavirus Vaccine

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Coronavirus vaccine

Ohio nursing home workers are choosing not to have the coronavirus vaccine.

It appears that some health care workers are skeptical of the coronavirus vaccines and some worry that its development may have been rushed. A significant percentage of frontline workers in parts of California have also refused to take the vaccine even though they have top priority for immunization.

So far around 60 percent of Ohio’s nursing home workers have opted against taking the vaccine, despite deaths linked to coronavirus reportedly soaring in the state.

Breitbart reports: “We aren’t going to make them but we wish they had a higher compliance,” Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said of the nursing home staff at a Wednesday press briefing, The Columbus Dispatch reported.

“Everyone makes their own choice about this but we want to make it clear that opportunity may not come back for a while,” the governor said.

The high number of nursing home workers electing not to take the vaccine comes as the state experienced its deadliest month of the pandemic.

Ohio reported 2,426 deaths from COVID-19 in December, the report said. Overall, since the onset of the pandemic, over 8,800 people in the state have died from the illness.

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