Biden Wears Face Mask During Virtual Climate Summit

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Joe Biden

President Joe Biden wore a face mask during the climate summit with world leaders on Thursday and Friday, even though the event was virtual.

Biden appeared at several different stage throughout the virtual summit donning his face diaper.

Leaders who could be seen without masks included Putin, Merkel, Erdogan and EU leaders von der Leyen and Michel

Breitbart reports: Biden appeared on camera wearing a mask while Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke as well as during remarks from Chinese Communist Party Leader Xi Jinping.

In one camera shot of South Korea President Moon Jae-in, Biden appeared on the screen of world leaders, wearing his mask while several other world leaders were not.

Screenshots of the event show Blinken, Kerry, and Biden all wearing masks during the event, even though they have been presumably vaccinated for the coronavirus and were sitting six feet apart from each other.

The president entered the room wearing a mask, but removed it for his speech. Afterward, he put his mask back on after he sat back down to listen to other world leaders speaking.

President Joe Biden wears his mask during [ASL] Leaders Summit on Climate

Biden personally attended the first 90 minutes of the first day of the climate summit before leaving. He returned for a second speech later in the morning and waited with Kerry for about five more minutes before leaving again.

The president also wore a mask during the second day of the virtual climate summit.

The Russian TV video service Ruptly also displayed a video of world leaders watching the speech at the summit from Putin.

The feed shows Biden the only world leader wearing a mask during Putin’s speech.

Russian President Putin speaks to the climate summit organized by President Joe Biden


  1. Weeks of worried “experts” telling us how mentally unstable Trump was and no one is honest enough to call this guy out who is obviously suffering from dementia??

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